Farewell to My Furry Friend

Today, my guest writer, Brande, will do my "BSC Sundays" post. I was off yesterday. Today is one of those things for those of us that love our pets go through. As I get ready to leave for "the store" here in the next hour or so, I'm also getting ready to say my last good-bye to Leonard. It is never easy to make the decision that it is time to say good-bye when our furry friends are old and not doing too well. But, unlike with people, we have that option with our pets. Leonard is just old and worn out, actually as old as dirt! Lately he has begun to show his age. He went from jumping on my desk from the floor, to jumping to a foot stool next to my desk, to a few days ago a pillow on the floor next to me. For those of you that I have cats, you know the look in their eyes as their bodies begin to fail. They are telling you it's time to let them go.I'm guessing Leonard is around 20 years old in people life. He showed up right after my divorce from Mr.Wonderful. I always said I got the better deal on that one! He was old when he magically became our new cat. He was a tomcat through and through. Pieces of his ear missing, always looking for a fight, and leaving me wonderful gifts on my doormat such as dead rats, birds, and such. When I sold the "not so wonderful" house, and moved to my current home, Leonard came with me. Everyone knew Leonard and they would stop and greet him on their walks. He would stand head to head with any dog without fear. And I'm sure Brande will never forget the cat fight she broke up one early morning. She knew better than to try and break up Leonard in the middle of a fight and made a trip to Urgent Care immediately after the fight. Leonard was fine, Brande not so fine.Not long after that, retirement made Leonard a house cat, and he adjusted to that life very easily. What he liked best, or at least most of the time was his buddy, Riley. These pictures of Riley & Leonard were taken a couple of years ago. When Riley started talking more, she would call Leonard her "little buddy". Riley could do just about anything to him and he would allow it. I think there were only a handful of times that he nipped at her. And she would cry and cry! Not so much because it hurt, but because her feelings were hurt that her little buddy was mad at her.Riley and Leonard truly have shared a love affair. And because of that, when she comes over tomorrow to stay with me for the day, if she asks where her little buddy is, I'm going to tell her that he went to live with my sister. I could never break her little heart and see her heartbroken. So, Gramma is telling a big, fat white lie! You know, some of our pets we always remember, they always hold a special place in our hearts. As I get ready to say my final good-bye to Leonard in a little bit, I think he knows that he will always remain on the top of my favorite cats list. I'll miss you "little buddy"! And "thank you" Bryce for taking Leonard to the Vet this morning, I couldn't do it this time!

***Breaking update: Leonard is back from the dead!!!! Sue is at Country Roads working, and I called to get the 'morning updates' (ie: did the store flood from the rain last night? Is the roof leaking? Is the garden blown to pieces? Did Bryce take Leonard on his final car trip?) and she wanted me to share the news that Leonard was taken to the vet this am for his 'goodbye', and the vet informed Bryce that he 'probably just needs a shot and some medicine'. Bryce called to share this news - a fight ensued when Sue asked 'did you take him to the right vet???' - and yes, it was our friendly vet who knows when the time is up, and apparently, despite his old age, he is convinced that Leonard in fact has more time left. To her defense, my mom was not trying to put the cat down unnecessarily, he kinda looks like death warmed over, but the mighty Leonard has risen! Stay tuned for more updates....


Jennifer said...

I'm an animal love and have learned they give us love even after they are worn out - just because they think we need them. So you are being kind in seeing to Leonard's needs. I wouldn't have thought that until our Annie had cancer and kept struggling to stay alive for US - she rallied and rallied. When we finally said "good bye" I saw WE had waited too long for US - not for her. Now I know to be a kinder friend to me furry friends. With Love, Jennifer

Malisa said...

Good-bye, Leonard, bud. I will miss you drinking Sue's Corona at night and knocking Sue's Corona over and you biting Sue's hand when she wouldn't let you have the Corona.

Thanks for taking care of my friend for the last 20 years, Leonard. We will miss you!


Kate said...

I am so sorry that you have to let Leonard go. It is so heart breaking to say goodbye to our beloved friends even when we need to. Sending you love and hugs today. The pics of your grandaughter and Leonard are so very precious.
Much love

Debra@CommonGround said...

I knew when I saw the photo, even before I read the post. Leonard has lived such an amazing life! God brings such joy into our lives thru our "little buddies". I've been thru this so many times before, but I would never trade the love and bonding to opt out of the heartbreak.
hugs and blessings today, I'm keeping you guys in my prayers.

Annie Louise said...

I have had to endure the awful decision of putting a animal down. It is tremendously heartbreaking, but please know that you are really doing what is best for the animal--no more suffering. May you and your family find strength in knowing that others are holding you near in our thoughts and hearts.

Tanza said...

Ooohhh Sue, I'm soo sorry about your furry friend .. That's NEVER easy, and I hope you have many wonderful memories to treasure forever !! The pics are adorable of Leonard and Riley .. Very sweet .. Have a happy day ~
hugs ~tanza~

Lisa Loria said...

Oh, thank goodness he just needs a little medicine. I have 4 dogs and adore them. Phoebe will be 14 this summer and I DREAD the day we lose her. Animals only enhance our already full lives and teach our children the value of caring for ALL of God's creatures. It was great to see you on Saturday Sue, the store looks AMAZING and congrats on the newest addition to your family, making his physical appearance soon!
Lisa Loria

Vintage Market Place said...

This post made me so sad that I couldn't find the words to leave a comment earlier, I am soooo glad that update came through.
Its a festivus miracle...YEAH Leonard!! You keep fightn' til the end. He is a true tom cat!!!

trash talk said...

I read your post earlier, but I wanted time to think about what to say. Being the mom to a 12 year old mini-schnauzer, my heart is heavy for you. Losing a friend...whether it's two or four legged is hard.
Bless you for being the one to take him...I can only imagine how hard that is. As far as telling a little white lie...there is plenty of time later for her to find out about how sad life is at times. You just go on protecting her as much as you can.
You're in my thoughts today.

The Boston Lady said...

I am new to your blog, but not to the joys and heartache of pet ownership. I was able to read your post, plus the good news update. Here's to Leonard being there a little longer for your daughter. And you.

Malisa said...

Leonard, I tip my Corona to you, bud! Thanks for the update, Brande!

Ann said...

i had tears in my eyes and heart for you as i read your post..Leonard looks so much like my late Benny. than, when I read the update,I almost jumped for joy(only reason I didn't is because I am sick with a nasty something and just couldn't work up the energy!)..keep us updated..he is a magnificent tom !!
I really am so delighted that you will have your beloved Leonard a while longer. I, too, believe we owe our pets the dignity to cross over when the time comes and to not suffer unnecessarily. Now, if we could only be as kind to our human loved ones!