My RuFie

My RuFie, aka Ruth Schmidt, is someone that not only touches my heart, but is a part of it as well. I've know RuFie forever. She got the nickname "RuFie" from my granddaughter Riley. Since RuFie lives in Florida, I don't get to see her anymore. A few years back, she was a huge part of Country Roads. For years she had the back portion of the third building, and for those of you that shop with us, I'm sure remember how beautiful everything looked. And each time I walk back there and still see the "RuFie green paint" on those walls, it reminds me of my dear sweet friend. She is truly one of the most thoughtful, caring and loving people that I know. RuFie is always sending me things. As she said in one of her emails to me recently, "we've sure gotten to know each other well". So true my friend. The other day she had emailed me and told me she was sending me something.

Today when I got home from running some errands, this box was sitting on my front porch. Without even looking at the return label, I knew who sent it to me. RuFie had her daughter Susan mail it to me. RuFie had told me she found something that made her think of me, and she had to get it for me.

I absolutely LOVE my present, and yes, it is SO me! And I'm not big on tears, but I did have a few running down my cheeks.  RuFie just touches my heart, not sure how to explain it.

For now,  my little "wreath" is hanging right here.

This little vignette in my home is a favorite of mine thanks to my son, Bryce. So for now, my sweet Christmas "wreath" as I call it, will stay right where its at. I wish our world had more people in it like RuFie. She truly is a one of a kind.

This is Riley in the picture above. She was almost three when Morgan was born. They grow so fast. It was at about this age that RuFie began to mail her little things to her in the mail. And Riley would so sweetly say in her little voice, "it's from RuFie"?  And speaking of babies, today Carol had her baby! This is number three and her name is "Ava Alicia Lazo"! I can't wait to meet her after work tomorrow night. It really is feeling a lot like Christmas, isn't it?


Teresa Porter said...

That's just beautiful. Merry Christmas my friend!

Faded Charm said...

How sweet and it looks just like you:-)

Hope you are enjoyingthe holiday season, my friend,


Kate said...

I love your present from Rufie!!! Its perfect and looks so festive.
Friends are such wonderful gifts

Kathy said...

Sue, we haven't met, but we definitely have something in common - Ruth is a friend of mine too! And, you're right, she is a very sweet lady, and oh so talented, and wise, and funny, and lots more...I could go on (and it sounds like you could too!)!!! I met her through my dear friend, Susan, who, through a series of events - (after her move from Cali back to Ohio), has become a forever friend too! I treasure them both!

I'm so happy you like your wreath (I made four, and was very flattered when Ruth chose one for you!).

So, wishing you a very Merry Christmas and and a fabulous new year. Hoping to visit Cali some day and meet you and shop in your beautiful antique mall.

Hugs from Ohio,


P.S. One more thing about Ruth...she's just a hoot!! :)

The Boston Lady said...

I love the picture of RuFie on those beautiful stairs! What a wonderful gift from such a wonderful friend. Ann

Anonymous said...

Sweet story, love the stair and vintage ornaments,