The Many "Looks" of CR

I realize I probably repeat myself on the blog several times. It's a given, what can I say. When you are working around such great stuff and talented people and sweet customers, you just get lost in all of it. This morning,  or afternoon, I just wanted to show you a few of our different looks and displays that you will find here sprinkled throughout our 10,000 square foot store!

My friend Malisa made the above little Country Roads sign awhile back from me. Actually, her signs are so cute that a man came in a week or so and wanted to know how much it was for the signs in our public bathroom.  Yesi called me at home, and I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. So, I told her to have him make a donation in the jar we have on the counter to collect monies for our "furry friends". Malisa had sent those signs to me a year or so ago, and basically the signs sort of are like bathroom rules. Our "restroom" is the size of a single closet, seriously. I feel so, so bad sending people to that bathroom . There are times I, personally, don't even want to open that door to check on it! Anyway, there is still plenty of time to do your Christmas shopping. Buying local and buying one of a kind gifts are the best.  Come on down and see us. We're open every day till 5pm!

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Maureen said...

The shop looks wonderful. It's funny how people ask about buying things that weren't really for sale but then again, most everything is!

P.S. I cannot believe how big your grandkids are getting. Sheesh!