Time For a CR Slideshow!

I believe I've mentioned my time is really "tight" or should I say free time is just non-existence these days! I quickly threw together a little Country Roads Slideshow this morning. After I gathered all the pictures, and added to one of the slideshow formats, it unfortunately was one that tended to cut off parts of the pictures. I swear I'm not a great photographer, but I'm not as bad as some of the pictures seem to be. This is only a small selection of some of the great stuff we have here in the store right now. PLEASE if you see something you can't live without, give us a call and you can pay for it over the phone with a credit card! Stuff seems to be moving pretty quickly these days, so if you see, you want it, I suggest you buy it!! Thanks for taking the time to see what Country Roads is all about!!
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trash talk said...

I swear girl...I think we share one brain. We seem to be on the same wave length all the time...of which there just isn't enough of!
Y'alls store is just killer...have I told you that before?

The Boston Lady said...

Well, now I'm even more excited to be visiting your store! And, the perfect song...

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Thank you for including my space, Sue!!!!

Malisa said...

Wowee! Just wowee! I will take one of everything, please. And where is the bathroom? :)