Cottage White

John, Cottage White, was in yesterday. I have always loved the way his space looks with all the built in architectural pieces. Below are just a few pictures of what is now in at Country Roads, courtesy of Cottage White!

As I walked around yesterday, I couldn't help but notice how wonderful everything looks at Country Roads. I've got such a group of amazing, talented people. If you are looking for something to do this week-end, stop by and see us and get lost in 12,000 square feet of wonderful eye candy!


Vintage Market Place said...

Love the light fixture
great texture and a useful piece of art!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Sue, I have one word for you...AWESOME!!!

Teresa said...

Now THAT is a gorgeous space! That roof-vent-whirly-thing made into a light fixture is brilliant! Love it. I love those vintage louvered shutters too. I used 4 tiny ones to make shorty a little folding screen to play dress up behind... she loves it!. Gorgeous as ever! Hope you're having a BSC-less weekend ;0)