I Could Be a Beach Bum!

It's true. . .I really could be a beach bum. I've always lived within a ten minute drive to the beach. Growing up as a kid my folks use to take us to Seal Beach and down to what is now called "Bolsa Chica". We use to call it "Tin Can Beach" back in my day. The sand went right to PCH, and back then no one was very aware of our environment. People drove their cars and just pitched their trash out the windows, especially cans. Thus, that is where the nickname of "Tin Can Beach" came in. Thankfully people became aware of the importance of our environment and cleaned things up. As I got older, I would ride my bike to the beach with my best buddy Donna Nagel. Then when I was old enough to drive, there was no stopping me. I hit every beach from the Bay in Long Beach all the way down to La Jolla! I remember sitting in the sand in Huntington Beach, before it became "Surf City" watching the Golden Bear Night Club burn the ground. I still enjoy the beach when I can find the time. In my bedroom, I surround myself with things that remind me of my love for the beach and ocean. Along with my vintage bathing suits, I have a few vintage surfboards as well. The picture below is my latest in my collection of bathing vintatge suits. Bryce bought it for me as a belated birthday present, which he really didn't need to do, but I greatly appreciated it!

Although our beaches here in SoCal can't match the ones in Hawaii or even in Central & Northern CA, they still cure that beach bum fix in me. There is nothing greater, at least for me, than watching the sunset at the beach! The salty air, the ocean breeze, all contribute to the real reason I could be a beach bum!


Vintage Market Place said...

oh your collections are so cool!
Your descriptions of growing up and spending time at the beach seem so movie like.
I hope to get back before summer ends to enjoy the beach one last time

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I LOVE how you've displayed your collections!!! It's amazing!
We went to the beach on Tuesday and had the best day! It was just beautiful. The kids are total beach bums already. I have a hard time just getting them in the car when it's time to leave. Hope you have a great day before you go back to work.

time worn interiors said...

I love the ocean! I love coral, sea fans, shells, star fish and anything else that comes from the ocean that you can decorate with! I love all your photos of ocean related decor!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Oh my gosh Sue...that was a nice trip down memory lane! I remember Tin Can Beach and the great times we had there in the summer. You have a great collection...love your vintage bathing suits!
I know it's a little late...but, thank you so much for the post on my space! You are too kind and I'm thankful to be a small part of Country Roads.
See you soon,