Little Hands

I've always loved "little hands" especially when they are related to me. For years now, I've had an obsession with collecting vintage and antique children's toys. I have a big, early old pine cabinet that sits in my family room. I've had it for years, and behind its old, wavy glass are lots and lots of early toys and pottery that the little ones had in years gone by. Here are a few of my favorite little things!

The little child's pitcher above is pretty special to me, broken handle and all. My Grandma gave it to me when I was a kid. Apparently I was the only left handed member of the family. And now, I have Bodhi and Riley, my grandkids that are both left handed!

And you know, sometimes even "little hands" can't help a guy out when they have an inter tube  stuck on their head.  I'm linking up today, a bit late as usual, with my friend Kathleen over at Faded Charm! She has a great blog and is an even greater person. I had a chance to meet her last Summer when her family was down in SoCal to go to Disneyland. She stopped by Country Roads to see me. How nice was that!


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hey Sue,
Love the pitcher your Grandma gave you...a great piece to share with your grandkids!
I love any pic of Bodhi...but the innertube might just be one of my favorites...who got him out of that thing???
Hope you are enjoying your day off!

The Boston Lady said...

Sue, glad you had a day of with your favorite kiddos. Bodhi has grown so much! Love all your goodies especially the Elsie cups and the Peter Rabbit bowls (cups?). So special. Ann

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
Always LOVE your posts !!! I think in your "spare" time you could be a photographer !! I just adore the pics you take, especially of your babies !! Sooo candid, and you always catch their emotion, little Bohdi's frustration !! hahaha .. Can't blame him .. hate having something stuck over my head !! He is beautiful !!

See you soon in the BEST store EvEr !! Country Roads !! You guys ROCK !! Everything looks soo enticing in there !! Gosh, I miss a week or two, and everything changes up .. You are good !!

Enjoy your summer, lazier days ~
~Tanza~ xo