I Love This Man

I'm in love with Ty, what can I say? I've been following him since his Trading Spaces days. Rarely does a Sunday night go by that I miss Extreme Home Makeover! And rarely does an episode end without some tears streaming down my face. The concept of this show is awesome, especially seeing what a difference these home makeovers make in so many people's lives. I guess I'm just one of these suckers that likes to watch "feel good" tv. And, it doesn't hurt that Ty is pretty cute as well!


The Texas Woman said...

I wonder what he looks like as an adult, with adult hair, adult clothes, adult personality! Sorry, I'm not a fan.

The Texas Woman

The Texas Woman said...

...but he is cute.

The Texas Woman

Malisa said...

I thought those were adult clothes! Well, they are in my house! Sue, next time you go out with Ty, take a photo for us! :)


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

LOVE HIM!!!!!!

You are not the only one that cryes.My family makes SO much fun of me!

Great causes!!!!!