My Office Assistants


Do you ever wonder if cats are smarter than people? I've got four cats that are always hanging around my desk when I'm trying to work in my office. Here you see Fluffy, making a quick phone call. Even Riley now knows where the "end call" button is when she is talking to her mom on my iphone, pretty funny I must say! And Fluffy is quickly learning as well. I've always been a cat lover, all rescues, the only way I would have it. Two of my cats fight constantly for my attention. Fluffy, who is pictured above, is one and the other is Leonard who is now famous in the blog world. The other two sometimes try to jockey for a position by the keyboard or in front of the monitor, but Makena and Kona are more laid back, they have the "aloha spirit". My cats at times, have stepped on the keyboard and deleted my work, or they get in a "slapfest" over who can sit the nearest to me. It makes me crazy at times, thats when I reach for the AirDust, you know the stuff you spray on your computer to clean it. Works great to clear out all the feline office assistants! I get so bummed these days when I hear about all the animals being surrendered to the shelters and then you have all those people out there that refuse to have their pets spayed or neutered. Please, there are low cost vets around, and we already have our shelters filled with loving cats and dogs that need homes. Think about being one of those good souls and go rescue a cat or a dog. They make the best pets ever, and fill in great as office assistants as well.
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Debbie's Garden said...

I have 3 cats, but only 1 has chosen to help in the office. He walks back and forth with his tail straight up while I'm at the computer demanding attention. Always stopping to turn when his tail is right in front of my face. After that bores him he lays out BIG across the desk, chewing pencils, swatting whatever he can reach.

The Texas Woman said...

We finally put our cat down two years ago because of a tumor on his neck. He was 22-years old and we'd had him his whole life. My youngest boy was 28 at the time so he'd never really known life without this cat. Sad phone calls made that day.

The Texas Woman

Malisa said...

Fluffy is a pretty kitty! Leonard must be jealous!