It's Not About the "Need", It's About the "Want"!!

Okay, I now realize what you are looking at! Three dolphins on my farm table in my dining room, and you are thinking, what the hell? This trio of dolphins are not permanently going to sit on top of my farm table in the dining room! Tomorrow, since I just got home from work, they will be in my backyard, by the pool, in Club Med Long Beach! They will fit in perfectly! But yet, I ask myself, who in their right mind would buy three dolphins?? We all know the answer to who that real dumbass is, ME! But when do you ever come across such a trio as these three? And, btw Gloria, if you are reading this blog, thanks for the NO discount on the price;0) Check back soon to see how totally cool they will look out by the pool, seriously. Off course, that is assuming they don't FALL into the pool! Again, I have to ask myself, "what are you thinking girl"?


Malisa said...

And they call him "Flipper, Flipper, and his brother, Flipper"!


Anonymous said...

you got sucked into those dolphins. I am looking forward to seeing them in their club like surroundings!! AND that ledge I re-did, is me, love that look of mixing masculine with the feminine. I appreciate Yessi's comment, Thank You!