"Leonard, I DID It"

Yesterday was Riley's first day of potty training. When my kids were young, if I had to pick one thing I hated the most, it was potty training! After about three or four "accidents", I got a phone call. With excitement in her voice, I hear Riley say to me "Gramma, I DID it, I DID it, and I got stickers". Then Riley called her Uncle Bryce and Aunt Brande with the same news. As I write this I can still hear her little excited voice on the phone. As I say over and over, I never, ever take for granite that I get to spend so much time with Riley since she lives so close to me. Riley also got to discuss her big news with Leonard yesterday on the phone. That's when I pretend I'm Leonard and meow into the phone like a fool!! But when I hear Riley giggling, I don't feel as much like a fool, just happy to know I can make her laugh!


The Texas Woman said...

She's cute (I don't have granddaughters). The cat's cute I don't have cats). The green table and chair are fan tas tic! (I got chippy green so I can relate to that!)

The Texas Woman

The Renaissance Chick said...

I swear...Leonard is so good with Riley! He is acting like he likes it when you know he is asking himself why he has a measuring cup on his head! What a cutie patootie twosome!