My Grandpa Hobson

The guy on the right,that was my Grandpa. I never got to meet though, he took his own life after my Grandma (my mom's mom) had died from cancer. My mom never talked much about her folks, I think it was too painful for her. She was barely 17 when her dad died. What I've tried to put together from the past has been difficult. I find pictures of her family in Texas, but most of them are blank on the back, unlike my dad who documented everything. I did know that my Grandpa drove and oil truck in Texas and mom was brought up in Temple. The one thing I have noticed in all the photos I've found of my Grandpa, he loved animals, as you see him sitting there with his dog. The few pictures I find of him, there were usually dogs with him or cattle. The biggest regret I have is not pushing my mom to tell me more about her family before she passed away a couple of years ago. I guess it was just too painful for her to talk about. Piece by piece I'm beginning to put some of it together so my own kids and grandkids will know their roots as well, and also know why we all have so many damn pets!! We can thank Grandpa Hobson Durham for that one!

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Malisa said...

There you go! Another person in the family to blame! Ha! Great photo though. By the way, I like your post yesterday!


Jacque said...

I just recently received a large box of old family photos with very little information. It has been a challenge, yet fun to put the pieces together. The most difficult part has been where there have been several marriages splitting the tree in many different directions. My grandmother died two weeks after I was born, never having seen me. I look exactly like her! Your post inspires me to dig a little deeper, I know I was blessed with many generations of animal lovers as well~Jacque

Bernice the Housewife said...

That's a great photo! We have a lot of photos without names and dates on the back, too. That makes it difficult. My father always talked a lot about his childhood, but my mother doesn't say much about hers, even now. I loved that part about the pets!

Pam said...

I don't know a lot of the history of my family either and I wish I did. It's interesting to study though!

Debbie's Garden said...

Start digging into geneology. SO interesting.
I inherited a ton of old family pictures. The backs say things like "Here is father", "you know who this is", "here I am at the beach", "your brother is a ham". Nothing that says NAMES!

Teresa said...

Your kids and grandkids will really appreciate the info that you find and save for them. My grandmother never talked about her first husband, who passed away. It was too painful for her. And we have so many questions.
Great photo.

The Texas Woman said...

Dang, those early deaths must have been SO hard on your mom. She must have been strong like you!

The Texas Woman