Country Roads Eye Candy!!

Seems like the days I'm at Country Roads, I never get the time to really do our store justice with my pictures. This week-end when I'm working, I am REALLY going to make an effort to take lots of pictures to put together for a slideshow! We've got so much great stuff. I look at these pictures and think, "wow, I'm lucky to have the job that I have". I hope you enjoy them as well. I'm in love with the old store display above, seriously, totally in love!! In all my years I've never seen one like this with the bins down below. I wish I had the room and money for it to come home with me!

I also have a real love for these types of screened pie safes too.

Anymore, it's getting harder and harder to find the really good country primitives like this chimney cupboard with all original chippy paint.

I like the way the contrast shows in this picture with the simplicity of the farm table surrounded by elegant chairs.

So many times dealers "mess" with the old pieces, like replacing original old glass. I rather have the cracked glass, like this old, green painted bead board cupboard has than have someone mess with it or alter it.

I'm a sucker for architectural pieces, and this one is awesome. I prefer mine just a bit more beat up and chippy, but this is really a nice piece!

And this farm table, with a mix of colored chairs speaks for itself, awesome. I think the coolest part about Country Roads, and yes, I am bragging, but we have so much variety. I think that is what makes us stand out, a little of something for everyone!!


Malisa said...

Girl, girl,girl...I'm in love!


The Texas Woman said...

I wanna come look for myself! Why are you so far away????

The Texas Woman