I Got "it" Twice!!

Well, I hope I don't get in trouble from Malisa, for lifting the above photo off her blog, you know she has all those warnings about not doing this or that but I did it anyway. She doesn't scare me. After all she tagged me first. Then I got it again, tagged that is, from Marcela & Clara. I usually don't do this stuff, not because I'm special and "all that", but because I always end up screwing up my links or there is some other malfunction that happens on my blog. Welcome to my world. Six things you don't know about me, well don't be hanging on the edge of your seat, cause I'm not that exciting but here goes:

1. I'm the oldest in my family, I have a younger sister who grew to be a lot bigger than me. Being a dumbass, I always picked fights with her and always got the crap kicked out of me, but it didn't stop me. I also broke my mom's foot when I was in third grade,I kicked her! But hey, she was chasing me with a belt, for starting a fight with my sister!

2. I went to college at Cal State University Fullerton, here in CA. I majored in Sociology and minored in American Studies and spent an entire summer working on an Indian reservation in the 115 degree heat outside of Yuma. I loved every minute of it!! I dropped out of school 12 units short of my BA. Why? I was living on my own, working, partying, and going to school and had to choose to let one of them go, wow, once again I was a dumbass on that choice! (dumbass is one of my favorite words, you may not have know that either)

3. I am a blonde, left handed, vegetarian Gemini! I think that explains a lot about some of my blog posts, as in I just can't help myself! Sometimes I can have a really big mouth, and at other times I can be shy and withdrawn and compliments are very difficult for me to accept, I get embarrassed. I appreciate them, I just don't like the attention.

4.I cannot stand to see animals suffer or little kids mistreated. Was a big fan of Billy Jack, "bless the beasts and the children, they have no voice they have no choice". So, I have a house full of eight rescued cats, and one rescued mentally challenged dog, "Sally the Cabana Dog".

5.I'm a music freak, totally!! If I could choose to be anything in life, it would be to be a singer with a band. Seriously, I want to be Cher or Tina Turner, look at them! I love most all music, really into Michael Franti & the Spearheads right now. Big American Idol freak! I'm in love with my ipod and splurged on really expensive Bose headphones a couple of years ago to listen to my ipod with. Something I wouldn't normally do.

6.I can't help myself when it comes to underdogs or people that need help. If I only have five bucks in my wallet I'll give it to someone that I think needs it. My kids grew up with me making them walk over to scarey people and give them money. I think "giving back" and "paying it forward" is really important in life. I will usually help someone else before I help myself. I have no respect for rich, weathly people that do nothing to help others.

So, there you go. I told you it wouldn't be too exciting but hey, I tried to play and be a good sport! Thanks for pushing me Malisa, Marcela & Clara!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

You did great! Thanks for being such a great sport!

We promise,we will not tag you again!!!

Clara & Marcela

Malisa said...

Hey, Dumbass! You did good! I really enjoyed reading those things about you! Don't worry about the tag...I stole it too!


The Texas Woman said...

"Dumbass?" If Mal's a friend, what do your enemies call you?

The Texas Woman

Sue said...

"Asswipe" ;0}

Teresa said...

I can't top that!