Thanks Cher for The Tip!

This morning I was reading Cher's post over at "the Texas Woman" about how she used peanut butter to clean up vintage tins! Being in the antique business, you would have thought I would have heard about this before, but nope, news to me! But it did remind me how much I love my vintage tins. I usually like to collect the ones that have some type of advertising on them. Above and below are just a few photos of some of my favorite tins that I've been collecting over the years!

The thing that is cool to me about collecting vintage tins, is the wide range of pricing. It is a great collection for beginners because some of the vintage tins are really affordable. I don't exactly know what the appeal of the advertising tins are for me, I think mostly because it reminds me that these tins have actually been used years ago in someone's home. And again, thank Cher, I've got my peanut butter on hand!


The Texas Woman said...

Well, thank you for the thank you! Love your tins. I think I probably should have bought more of them at that garage sale. She had paper sacks full! Oh, well. Live and learn!

The Texas Woman

Malisa said...

Oh, yeah...Cher gets all the credit! Did I get credit for my suggestion to lick the peanut butter off? No! Love that Moonlight Mello one!


Sue said...

The reason Malisa didn't get credit for the "licking part" was because when she did lick the peanut butter off, her tongue got cut on the rusty part of the tin, she was rushed to ER, and she couldn't blab for like a week which almost killed her!! While the rest of the world said, "silence is golden"!