Respecting Differences

Almost every morning, if I have time, I like to start my day by reading blogs. One of my favorite blogs is one written by Jenny Doh. Her post this morning really got my brain in high gear and made me start thinking about two words she used, "respecting differences". If you really think about it, that is something that is very hard to do in certain areas of life. When I look at the picture above, I see a dad, giving his daughter a hug while her sister watches. Then I'm reminded that this dad is different because he is our President. But sadly, there are those that see the color of his skin, and because of skin color "choose" not to support him. I have a very hard time when it comes to "respecting difference" when it comes to being prejudiced. I am a dorky American Idol fan. I've always loved music of all kinds, and I just really get into this show! As those of you that are like me, last night was the big night, the winner of Idol was announced. It seemed that Adam had this locked down, but it turned out that Kris won, the dark horse. I always felt in the back of my mind that he may be the one to win it all, although Adam was so good. I was excited, and then I got an email from my friend Malisa. She felt that Adam may have lost because he is gay. For me, I was kind of blown away because I had never thought about that. And then sadly, I realized she may have been right! Adam is a really talented singer, and as he said in an interview this morning he thought it was nice for Idol to have someone in the top two that was a "non cookie cutter type". How do I learn to start "respecting differences" when people don't like someone because of their sexual preference? Above is Riley, with her friends, and my little baby's; Ari,Josalyn, and Azul. They are all buddies, they all play together. It doesn't matter what color their skin is, they are just little buddies, that simple. I pray that they never have to struggle with what I am struggling with now. How do I ever find a way, a means to "respecting differences" when it comes to being prejudiced?


The Renaissance Chick said...

Very nice post! You are striving to "respecting differences"...not respecting hatred and prejudice. You shouldn't respect those folks...just write them off. I know you and know you are great at "respecting differences"! That's one reason you are my good friend!


elsie said...

thought you'd like to know I just disocovered your lovely blog on Feedjit - if you click on "top LA Blogs" a link to your come up - pretty cool! so I'm your newest follower!! come on over and visit me sometime:


elsie said...

shheeeeesh!! I wish blog comments section had spell check... duh...

Teresa said...

I'm with you all the way on this one, sista.
Respect differences? Yes.
But you just can't respect ignorance. I can't.

The Texas Woman said...

Oh, phooey, you guys. We Republicans dislike him because he's a Democrat (not because he's black!), just like you guys hated Bush because he was a Republican (not because he was white!). Oh, yeah, you said it was about the war but he was beat up by the liberal media for everything from the war to his twin daughters. Democrats stayed quiet about it when late night comedians bashed him and disrepected him, even though he was our president. Of course, he didn't have the race card to play. He just lived how he believed and had high ranking Colin and Condoleezza in his administration. They deserved to be there too, and not because they were black but because of their background, experience, and intelligence.

Why do you get me started on this crap! I love you and Malisa. Love your blogs, although I skip over the Hope graphics.

I'm hitting the showers!

The Texas Woman