The Official Mom Day Celebration!

After work I went over to Katie's house where we all celebrated Mother's Day in the usual Jackson fashion, chaos! When I came in I saw these flowers on Katie's table. Bryce had given them to her and I thought that was really sweet and the flowers in the arrangement were really pretty. It wasn't until hours later Bryce confessed that he cut the flowers out of my gardens for his sister. I have to say though, he did a damn good job at flower arranging!

Some of my other Mother Day surprises were: "flowers and freshly baked cupcakes from Brande"

"flowers (not from my own garden) from Bryce & Justine"

"roses from Yesi that she brought to work for me"

"my new beach chair from Riley, Katie, and Vinnie"

Vinnie's sister, Sara arrived with her little girl Apolonia. Her and Riley are only two years apart, but Apple is really tall, and Riley is a little short!

"Riley patiently waiting with Aunt Justine for Apple to get ready to go in the jacuzzi"

"ready, set, let's go cuz" "good times"

"Uncle Bryce with the worst dog ever, LaVerne, Katie & Vinnie's dog!

"diving lessons"

"cookie time with Aunt Brande"


As I went to bed last night, I knew in my heart how very fortunate I am for those in my life! Hope you had a special day as well.


The Texas Woman said...

Yes, I did. And I enjoyed seeing your day as well.

The Texas Woman

Jacque said...

Looks as though you had a great family filled day. I am only a mother to fur babies, but we as well had a special day.~Jacque

Malisa said...

How much fun you must have been having last night! I love to hear kids laughing! Beautiful flowers and I really like the new lawn chair! Think I'll come over and sit in it. I'll bring the Corona!


Teresa said...

Awww... what sweet photos. I see that you had a wonderful Mother's Day. Riley and Apple are so precious. That's the stuff, yeah.

Midway Records said...

Looks like you had a great day! I'm a Jackson from Texas. Could be family?