My Memory Corner

This is a little corner in my family room, kind of tucked out of the way, but it is sort of like my "memory corner". After my folks died, there were many small things I wanted to display, that I could see daily, instead of putting it all away in boxes. I've got a collection of little hanging cupboards with drawers. You know once you have "three" of anything it's a collection. Those are Bryce's cowboy boots my mom gave him when he was a little guy. My mom, being proud of her Texas upbringing, had to give her baby boy cowboy boots! I just remembered I've got my grandpa's spurs someplace. I need to dig those out and add them in. I have a lot of antiques and vintage stuff. But, most of it I use, rather than have a museum in my house, if that makes sense. If I have all this stuff, it HAS to be functional! This "milk delivery" advertising was actually on top of an old milk truck. I stuck it onto of an old pencil leg table so I could use it has a table. Framed is the only picture of Riley and my dad together. As soon as Riley began to talk, she would look at the picture and just say, "Papa". No one ever told her that was her "Papa", she just knew. It is still kind of spooky. I keep a lot of my folks stuff in this little memory corner of mine. The cat and dog photo above hung in their home for years. Also, the two dried roses I brought home from the cementary after each of their funerals. Sometimes those bug me, so not sure how long I'll leave them sitting out. I really enjoy having the cat and dog photo hanging in my house after a lifetime in my parents house. The blue case like bulletin board was the very first thing I bought from Country Roads, the day before we opened. The back is metal, so believe me, it's "hebby"! I just have a collection of stuff my folks had: mine & my sister's baby shoes, the New Testament that my dad carried during WWII, my folks wedding picture along with a newspaper clipping that ran in the local paper about my mom getting married. My dad is from Joplin, Missouri and that is his "letter" he got in high school for playing football and baseball. Then there is a variety of black and white photos of me and my sister as kids. Sometimes when I'm having a crazy day, and I happen to be in that part of the house, the little memory corner, I just stop for a few minutes and "look", and for some reason it calms me down and I know my day is going to be a whole lot better.


Midway Records said...

Been lurking & since you asked for followers I jumped right in! Love your memory corner. It is better to have everything where you can see it & not packed away.

The Texas Woman said...

Nice memory corner. I enjoyed the tour.

The Texas Woman

Malisa said...

Love your memory corner! The bulletin board is uber cool! The shoes are great too. But the best thing is the dog/cat photos! How special!


Teresa said...

I Love the bulletin board, and the photos of your parents. That is a wonderful tribute.