My Gardens Have Been Good To Me!

This year, my gardens have really been good to me! This pineapple sage above is taking off even in a container!

I love this part of my garden, pretty in pinks.

My sweet peas are finally starting to take off. Had to put them in a container since the snails loved to eat them when in the ground!

One of my favorite roses, think its called "Peace" and it is blooming like crazy!!

I have hollyhocks everywhere in my gardens this year!

After two years, this Annie's Annual, "Crown Jewel" finally bloomed, still waiting for the other one to bloom as well!

This part of my gardens if my favorite because its a strip on the parkway on the other side of the driveway, no new soil, water here and there, and it never lets me down!

I love the cottage look of these pink flowers with my white picket fence.

This little path is on the opposite side of my gardens. Because of the tree roots, it kind of just grows all natural, but I love it just the same. There is something really special with gardening, gettin your hands in the dirt, just adding some water here and there, and the next thing you know Mother Nature has painted you a masterpiece!

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Malisa said...

Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful! You obviously inherited your mom's green thumb! No wonder little old ladies on bicycles stop to admire your gardens!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm green with envy!! I'm a totally frustraded gardener!

Suzanne said...

Your garden is beautiful! Love all the color and variety. The garden "art" adds so much too!

Jean said...

Welcome to Bloomin' Tuesday! I LOVE all your garden art and of course your blooms! I enjoy wild looking areas just like yours. Thanks for the tour! Jean

Carla said...

I see you have one of my favorite type of wild cottage, work with nature and not contain her, gardens. Heavenly!!

The Texas Woman said...

My brown thumb is green with envy!

The Texas Woman

Aiyana said...

Your garden has been good to you! Lovely. I have a 'Peace' rose myself, and although it's still blooming, the roses don't last more than an hour or two in our heat. They are at their best in March, and again in late October when it cools off.

Paula said...

Love your flowers and your containers and your yard art! Looking forward to next weeka nd more pictures --thanks for sharing, Paula in Idaho