In A Blink of An Eye, Thirty Years Goes By!

Brande, my first baby, is thirty years old today. How does that happen? I remember that day like it was yesterday. I drove myself to the hospital with Mr.Wonderful sitting shotgun. He wasn't the best driver and we had to go around the "traffic circle" in Long Beach, so I took the wheel. They induced labor, they broke the water, but no baby, until almost 24 hours later. My mom spent the night, and as you see above, the new Grandma couldn't be happier! Brande Rene had entered the world at 9:34 pm, 8lb 1oz on May 16th, 1979.

"in a blink of the eye, it's Brande's first Christmas"

"in the blink of an eye, it's her first birthday"

"in the blink of an eye, her Aunt Teri comforts her, the same way Aunt Brande comforts Riley today"

"in the blink of an eye, Katie is born, and Brande becomes a big sister on Dec.17,1981"

"in the blink of an eye, on Oct.1st, 1983, she is a big sister again when Bryce is born"

"in the blink of an eye, she looks at her sister & brother and wonders, "why couldn't I have been an only child"

"then, in a blink of an eye, life passes so quickly, "pony pictures",

"dance lessons",

"family vacations"

"birthdays roll by at an unbelieveable speed"

"then our babies grow-up, a tattoo in memory of her Gramma Johnnye",

"then they are forced to grow-up faster, as Brande helps her Papa with Riley a couple of months before he passed away",

"friends weddings",

"and, in the blink of an eye, she's now Aunt Brande, in love with Riley, there to help her when she needs help",

I never take for granite the time I spend with my kids, because "in a blink of the eye" here I am thirty years later, and I couldn't be prouder of my daughter, "Happy Birthday", I love you, MOM


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Beautiful post, Sue and happy b-day Brande!

delighted heart said...

Happy Birthday to Brande! She one year older than my Amanda (Kountry) so we have quite a few of the same pictures! She actually taught swim lessons when she first went to LA. The years do fly by in just a blink. I was so glad to have her home for a few days last week. And I love your tin collection and your beautiful garden! The pink flowers are what we call buttercups because of the yellow in the middle and they line the highways and byways here in Texas this time of year. Baby Bella is due this week. Have fun at your shower! Thanks for the sweet comments!

Malisa said...

Awwww! Such adorable pictures! It is amazing how much I can see Riley in those pictures. There is definitely a family resemblance! And, my gosh, Brande looks like you! Lucky girl! Girl, you are getting old...older than me by a few months! :) Have fun at her birthday celebration tonight and limit your Coronas to 12!


Barntiques said...

Great post as usual. Love reading it. We have soooo much in common. Thanx for putting your experiences in print.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brande!!!!!!

Sweet Lady said...

I like the birth story! It explains a few things about dear Brande, like her love of showing up when she damn well pleases!