I Love Little Kids!

I had a "big" baby shower for Justine (my daughter-in-law)yesterday. Our so called showers are more like big parties, lots of people, lots of chaos, thats just the way we do things here. Below are some random pictures of random chaos!

After most everyone left, around 10pm, the balloons that were outside, came inside, and with four toddlers on a sugar high, you can see where this was going!

"should I let go"

"bless our balloons"

"can I have some MORE cake"

"more balloon blessings" (notice the balloons tied in the girls hair)



What is not pictured is when ALL the balloons went up to the ceiling, I have high open beam ceilings. Vinnie rides his bike to the liquor store to prove a point. He buys a squirt gun, fills it with water, and him and Bryce take turns shooting all the balloons down from the ceiling. It was, indeed, a fun filled day. I need a nap!

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Malisa said...

Bless these balloons! Ha! Cute caption! My goodness, your house must have been full of noise and laughter! Hope ya'll were drinking! :)