Bloomin' Tuesdays

I just re-planted this little area two weeks ago, and I'm amazed how fast it is filling out!

As many of you know, my oldest daughter Brande, owns Johnnye Merles Gardens which sits behind Country Roads. This is where I get all my plants, and this season she has some great varities of poppys that she orders from Annie's Annuals. They are just starting to bloom.

As much as I like the red poppies, I also really like the white poppies that are starting to bloom as well.

My hollyhocks are still growing like crazy!

I've got hollyhocks all over my garden this year.

This is that weird plant, the Crown Jewel, that has been blooming. First it was pink, and now it's getting little purple flowers blooming with the pink ones. Told you it was a weird plant!

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Debbie's Garden said...

Its really looking pretty. that really is a weird pink/purple plant.

Malisa said...

Love those hollyhocks! Your garden looks great. It should. You work hard in it. You and Riley!


Laurie and Chris said...

Your garden looks great!!

Teresa said...

That crown jewel is funky! The hollyhocks are my alltime favorite. Beautiful photos.

The Texas Woman said...


The Texas Woman

delighted heart said...

Thank you Sue for all the sweet remarks. You really touched my heart! My prayers are with you and your family for a safe delivery and a healthy new grandbaby! Bring on the pictures! Oh and I'm coveting your garden...it's beautiful!