Two Girls & a Guy!

I think today Bodhi had the realization that he was going to have two little girls buggin' him his entire life! I had a day with my little ones and actually it is the first time I got to take pictures of all of them together. Not always an easy task, but a fun one nonetheless. Let me caution you, there are A LOT of pictures, so please know I don't expect you to look at them all. It was just a nice day for me to concentrate on the beauty and innocence of little kids!

See, if you are down here at the bottom, I TOLD you there were a lot of pictures. I also need to get Bo his own guy colored chair. He's not a pink kind of kid! And by the way, when I mentioned in my post about picking up Riley from pre-school with Bodhi, it all worked out fine. I don't know why I even thought twice about it since my grown kids are even closer than my three babies above! Piece of cake for this Gramma!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

We were saying with Katie today that you would probably be pooped by the end of the day....pooped by happy, we might add!!!

Annie Louise said...

What adorable children! Wonderful, fun post, thanks.

Kate said...

So stinkin cute

Bo has a million dollar smile already. I love pic with Riley's arm around Morgan too precious. Great post


Boogieboard Cottage said...

Adorable pictures Sue!Bo is looking more like Riley all of the time. He needs a little blue recliner with a remote. :O) Mary

trash talk said...

Just add a Pizza Place and girl...you got a hit show in your hands!
They are precious and Bo is one little chunky monkey.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

The girls sure did wear him out! Precious sleeping boy!!

Vintage Market Place said...

They are all too adorable.
So sweet to have playmates thru life.
You have lived thru 2 girls and 1 boy before, interesting for you to see it with your grandkids.
I can't wait for Brooklyn to go see his cousins and have playmates.
Take care

The Boston Lady said...

How absolutely wonderful, Sue. What a fun (and exhausting) time you must have with them all. The girls along with Grandma will make Bo understand the world of female mysteries and therefore make him a catch for any future GF. Hope your weekend is nice!. Ann

Maureen said...

That is one big boy! He looks like he almost as big as Morgan (?)!