Twenty-Seven Years Ago Today

There are things in our lives that we remember like it was just yesterday. Today, I remember 27 years ago this morning, rushing around my house trying to get four year old Brande, and 21 month old Katie ready to over to my mom & dad's house. I was scheduled to be induced at the hospital and was pregnant with Bryce. I remember Katie spilled her milk all over the coffee table and when I looked outside, it was raining. Somehow I managed to get my girls over to their grandparents house, and that evening at 6pm I gave birth to my son, Bryce Patrick Jackson. And the past 27 years have gone by in the blink of an eye. Just a few pictures posted here of just how fast time goes by.

And now, all grown up at 27 years old, my son has new roles in his life: a son, a husband, and the ones he shines the best at is being a daddy and an uncle! The little ones love him so much!! Uncle Bryce to his new, little nephew Bodhi! This little girl, Riley, has a very favorite person in her life, "Uncle Bryce" who she loves with all her heart!
And now I have a heart full of love because on my son's 27th birthday, I get to see him as a "Daddy" through the eyes of his daughter, "Morgan Clover"! Happy Birthday Bryce, I love you!


Boogieboard Cottage said...

I thought your son Bryce was so sweet when I met him at your store the day I picked up that cool purse. He seems to have a kind, gentle spirit about him. Please wish him Happy Birthday from me! The pictures of him are cute and I the one of Riley with the blue marker is sooo funny! Take care, Mary :O)

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

~*~* Oh how sweet! ;) Lovely post~**~ Hugs,Rachel

Kate said...

Happy Birthday to BRYCE!!! What a beautiful and precious post. Well done I say, we all think the world of him


Maureen said...

A very happy birthday to Bryce. I know what you mean about the time flying. I was married 27 years ago today.

The Boston Lady said...

Happy Birthday to Bryce. He has a beautiful daughter, sweet neice and nephew and a super special mom. His batman shirt looks just like one my son had (he will be 26 in Dec). You post brought a much needed smile to my face. You are a terrific mom and grandma!

Genie said...

It really is just a blink of an eye. You know that is why I started over...I just tell people I had my own grand children.

Happy Birthday Bryce. Good job.

chateau de fleurs said...

hi Sue, I got your postcards today and will have them on my table tomorrow. Give Bryce a hug for me and wish him a very happy birthday!XO, Christie

Anne Lorys said...

Awwww, happy birthday to your baby!
He will ALWAYS be your baby, after all. :-)


Blooming Rose Musings said...

This is a very precious and touching post. I love it.
Happy Birthday to Bryce...and to you(after all, you made it his birthday!!!)