Starting to Look a Bit Like Halloween!

I LOVE this time of year when it begins to feel like Fall, and I can decorate my house for not only Fall but Halloween as well. As the years go by, I enjoy it even more because now I have little kids to decorate with and for them! Riley hung out with me after her swim lesson yesterday afternoon and stayed until after eight last night. We really had a nice time together and she was more than happy to give me her opinion on her decorating ideas!

I LOVE these "pumpkin sticks"! I'm not sure of the botanical name for them, but they are sold where fresh flowers are sold. I may have to go back and get a couple of more bunches for the house. And on our list of things to do this week, is the family night at "Pa's Pumpkin Patch" over on PCH in Seal Beach. Every time I drive by it, Riley gets SO excited. She can't wait to go. She's been going since she was a baby, and now she gets to not only go with her cousin Morgan, but her little brother Bo as well. I love Fall, there is just something special about it!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Kids make it all worth it...don't they? What a honor to see my gourds in your decor!!!

Unknown said...

I just popped in from Talking Trash and LOVE your blog. You have great pictures and that Riley is a cutie! Glad she got to assist with the decorations...a blogger in the making. Happy Fall Ya'll from Houston!

red.neck chic said...

Good grief... I want it all. LOL

LOVE the pumpkin sticks!!!

;-D robelyn

Vintage Market Place said...

I agree, I just love this time of year. A happy feeling just comes over me when I see the fall colors and pumpkins displayed.
We took Brooklyn to the pumpkin patch last night. So exciting.
I remember as a kid going on hayrides through the country at night and sitting around the fire roasting weenies. Such great memories.
And it is so much more fun with having little ones enjoy it all too!
Happy Halloween