Sunday at the Groves

Thought I'd share some pictures today from yesterdays flea market at Irvine. My boy Bryce, Tim, and Lisa and a few plants from Johnnye Merle Gardens & Nursery all contributed to these photos! It never ceases to amaze me what awesome displays can be put together in a parking lot. Display is "everything" when it comes to selling "anything"! It was a beautiful day here in Southern CA. The sun was shining, no rain (that happens again tomorrow), and lots of people were out and about. I personally didn't get to enjoy these displays at the flea market, nor did I get out and about to enjoy our CA sunshine, nor did I get to go to a Super Bowl party. Remember, it was Sunday and I was stuck at Country Roads trying to survive another "BSC" Sunday! But I do want to thank all the awesome customers that shopped with us at the flea market and the store! You are the best, thank you.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Looked like a great place to shop! You should have just called in sick :) or put a sign on the door, ran errands be back after lunch!

Malisa said...

My light again! You keep tormenting me with photos of those wonderful lights!!!!!!! You know I love them! The displays were wonderful. I had to enlarge each one of them and study them. Good thing it was too far away for me to go cause I would have spent every cent I DON'T have! :)

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
What a FuN, dangerous place to shop ... hahaha . Am loving that sweet white footstool !! Always wonderful treats from you and yours !! Have a happy full of LoVe week ~
hugs ~tanza~

trash talk said...

Fabulous stuff. I don't know what anyone from in CA would come to Texas to shop. Y'all have the coolest stuff in your state!

Kate said...

Hi Sue,
I was suppose to meet a fellow blogger but was home sick with a terrible migraine:( After seeing these amazing photos and missing out on a visit w. Bryce, Tim & Lisa I feel it coming back. Great pictures and wonderful displays just like your store AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing oh and I loved the BSC story reminds me of some of my brides:)))

Have a wonderful week


Miss Gracie's House said...

That would have been fun...oh the commitment of retail. We are so glad that there are some that are committed...or should be committed! It is a crazy business...is it not?! Have a great day!

Callie Magee Antiques said...

You keep on contributing beautiful posts. How do you do it? Anyway,
I continue to watch and love what I am seeing.