The "Antique Affair"

This week-end I want you to, how should I say this, have an affair with Country Roads! We have Valentine's day and Presidents week-end all in one! What better way to have an "Antique Affair"! And the way Country Roads celebrates all of our "affairs" is by having a huge, big ass sale! Actually a three day sale beginning Saturday the 13th through close Monday the 15th. Here is a very small grouping of photos I took this past week-end, and look for more the rest of this week as well. Kind of my way to encourage you to feel free enough to have the above affair!

Country Roads will be participating with the other merchants in Old Towne Orange for this event. Although you have to know, you are going to find the best stuff, the best prices, the best displays, the best garden AND the VERY best customer service & staff at Country Roads!! Come on by and have an "Antique Affair" with us! You know, I've been having an affair with antiques practically my entire life, and it never tires me out!

On a side note, "thank you" to all of you that wrote comments about my "BSC Sundays" post! I may have to begin making that a "regular" post on Monday mornings. This past Sunday, I was the ONE that was "BSC", so I wasn't exactly in the mood to write about myself! Of course having a big sale on a Sunday this coming week-end should make for some damn good stories!