"BSC" Sunday!

Well, yesterday, truly was another "Bat Shit Crazy" Sunday! What I've discovered is these types of Sundays, the BSC's usually occur under two situations. The first is my full moon theory. BSC's just come out of no where! It is like a bus full of lunatics pull up to the store and just go nuts on us! My second theory is the BSC's come visit us on Sundays that there has been a flea market! They feel that shopping at Country Roads is ALL about the "wheelin and dealin" accept they don't have a clue what comes out of their mouths. For example, my favorite BSC customer yesterday was one that started the conversation like this. "I'm interested in something over here". Of course I have NO idea where "over here" is. I follow the customer throughout the store because I know they are lost and don't have a clue in the world where they are. So, I just patiently walk behind them as they circle Country Roads!! Finally we find the space. What they are interested in is $200. The BSC customer starts the conversation like this, "I've been shopping in other stores in Orange and a lot of stores have stuff that is 50% off, is this 50% off"? I breathe deep and calmly just say, "no". Then it starts, you know the critical comments like "it's dirty" or "it's been here for awhile". etc. Finally the BSC customer TELLS me they would like to make an offer of $75 on the $200 item. Again, I breathe deeply and reply, "I really don't think that is going to happen, but I will call and see what their best price is". Which I do, and when the dealer asks me what they are offering, all I can tell him is "you really don't want to know, it's BSC Sunday"!! After THAT customer, I had to leave the counter without my "walkie talkie" and go to the garden! I sat on a bench and took deep breaths and savored the moment or two that I didn't have to answer a customer, or the phone, or anything else. Of course once I went back inside it all started over again, and my peaceful moment was long gone!! After work, I met my family at El Torito to celebrate Justine's birthday. It helped me forget the BSC Sunday I just experienced. And when I ordered my big, delicious Pomegranate Cadillac Margarita, life was a little calmer. Damn, those BSC customers can really wipe you out. Thank God its Monday and I have a week to recoup!!


trash talk said...

Sure you know where "over here" is...it's just right past "over yonder"!

Jennifer said...

I know those picky customers but believe me... I worked for years in an OB/GYN practice and I doubt anything can beat women with PMS! I feel your pain! Jennifer

time worn interiors said...

Girl you are so funny! I've heard it all! It's even worse when your at a show, they really think it's a flea market! People need an education about what we really do! Hang in there!

Malisa said...

Okay, okay...I have multiple comments today:

1. Happy Birthday, Justine!

2. What is wrong with Miss Riley?

3. I love your blog background, but today, your stitches and staples are hurting me. I am tired of looking at stitches and staples!

4. About that spotlight in your photo...would you take $25 on that?

Clean up the bat shit and enjoy the rest of the day!

My Vintage Treasures said...

I love your BSC stories!!!
I'm glad you were able to relax after :)

Old Time Cindy said...

The pains of having your own biz. I remember it well...customers would drive me crazy. After a nut would leave my shop, I always would say 'we aren't wal-mart'!!!
Cindy at Lakewood