Random Rainy Friday Morning Thoughts

Morgan is eight months old today. I'm not sure how that happened so quickly. She is at a fun age, and changes so much each and every day. She loves to laugh now, and the one person that makes her laugh the most is Riley! Morgan thinks her cousin is hysterical. I was trying to get my girls to pose for a picture for an ad for Country Roads. Showing we have everything from grain sack pillows to sock monkeys! They were having fun posing. Finally, Morgan ended up sitting nicely with her sock monkey that Gay carries that I bought her and one of my pillows that Rose makes at Country Roads. And now for a BIG favor. I have this great friend that is also a dealer at Country Roads, Ginny! To say she has an eye for this business, would be an understatement. Ginny gets "the best of the best", it is in her blood. I've seen her bring in the old country primitives that you just don't find anymore! But there is something else people don't know about Ginny, she writes extremely well. She asked me a favor at the beginning of the year to "push" her if she wasn't posting. The girl is posting some really great stuff. I love the way she writes. So, my BIG favor to you all, is to stop by Ginny's blog and maybe leave her some comments and "follow" her. Ginny is a very private person, or at least she "was" until I did this blog post this morning, but I absolutely LOVE the way she writes! I think some of you might get hooked too! And lastly, I've started a new website for Country Roads, using the blogger platform. Basically, it will just have pictures of the cool stuff we have in the store that is for sale with a price, and a brief description. I'm not sure this link to go there will work, but if you have time stop by and visit Country Roads Antiques & Gardens new site. But you have to remember that is is not finished. I have many more ideas for it, just need to dig up some precious time! Hope you all have a great Friday, whether its raining, snowing, or a beautiful sunny day! Take care.


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Lots of stuff to comment on today...
1-The girls look to cute. Can't believe Morgan is already 8 months old!!
2- I'll jump to Ginny blog right away.
3- The new site is a great idea and a lot of work!! Let me know if you need help.
Thank you for everything!

Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Sue, great shots of the girls and the monkeys! I will go check out Ginny and your shop blog. I loved the post on your mom, she was a real beauty!
Have a great weekend!

Maureen said...

All of the little 'monkeys' are so cute!

I will check out Ginny's blog and your website. I have been trying to get the girl who owns our group shop to do a blog. I started one for her but she just isn't into it. Maybe yours will inspire.

Have a great weekend.

ginny said...


thank you,

Malisa said...

Gosh, don't you need something else to do? :) You work so hard to make your business seem effortless! I admire you so much! Now, I am gonna go see Ginny!

Malisa said...

I forgot to say how ADORABLE the girls are! You are one lucky woman!