The Good People

Just a bit over a week or so ago, I did a blog post about a young girl, Molly, that was working in an orphanage in Haiti. Molly sadly died in the earthquake. Just 22 years old, taken too soon, but look at the picture above and look what Molly has brought out in people, the GOOD! The picture is of the warehouse of a company here locally where Molly's dad works. For me, this brings back "HOPE" that people really do care about total strangers! The very next day after I did that blog post on Molly, in came Robin Marnell to work her space at Country Roads. What I really love about Robin is she is "easy". Not in the way that I know some of you are thinking, although I don't know Robin that well ;0) Robin is just one of those quiet dealers that works her space, doesn't say much, and like I said, she is easy. But on that Monday, Robin came in with a big bag of shoes! Then our barrel began to fill up,and up! Yesterday a young girl came into Country Roads and asked me where she could put some shoes she wanted to drop off for Haiti. What I didn't expect was the box in the picture above. Back in she came with a box filled with shoes. Her 4-H Club had collected them! I was touched, and actually still am. Sometimes when your work "retail" in can be brutal. You REALLY do see the worse in people at times. But I am lucky to see the good more than the ugly! I never realize how many people read this blog. I'm often asked, "are you the one that writes the blog"? I'm always thinking I've pissed someone off. And, not sure why but the attention makes me uncomfortable. Anyway, for those of you reading today, we are still collecting shoes till the end of this week. And thanks to my friend Lisa Blanc for putting the word out. And hey, here is a shameless plug. If you are thinking of selling your house, give me a call and I'll hook you up with Lisa. She is an awesome realtor, sold my house during my divorce days and took it upon herself to deal with my ex "Mr. Wonderful"! If Lisa can to that, she can do ANYTHING!


Barntiques said...

I always have faith in the good things we do. I am going to be donating a portion of my sales this year to The American Cancer Society. I KNOW that we will be successful because I have faith in the human race.

trash talk said...

Wow...that really is putting feet to words. God bless Molly for what she wanted to do and is still able to movitvate others to do.
BTW, is this the same Anon. from Mal's recent post?

kathie said...


That was me on Sunday, asking if you wrote the blog! I meant to say that I enjoy your stories and photos, love the store, and even visited your store in Long Beach a few years ago. My back was KILLING me and I was waiting for my husband to finish browsing, (he was oblivious to the fact that the music and lights were turned off!!)and I just did not have the energy to get the rest out!

Plus I could tell you all were ready to go home! (Having worked retail and in municipal govt, I understood completely.)