Steppin' Up Our Game

This year, I made the decision that all of us at Country Roads would be concentrating on "Steppin' Up Our Game"! Meaning, we would all work harder to concentrate on display, quality of our merchandise, customer service and making Country Roads a name to be remembered. This included my own kids as well, including my son Bryce, whose displays are in the pictures below.

I look at the picture above of the "airline seats" and know that must sadden him a bit to sell those. He's always loved them, but I guess that's what happens when you have a baby, we can't keep all of our favorites. It has been so rewarding for me the past couple of months to here so many of my customers comment on how good the store looks! It DOES look good, and not just my son has worked hard on this, but everyone that is a part of Country Roads has really, really worked hard at "Steppin' Up Our Game"! I just want to say "thanks" and I truly do have the best of the best as part of my Country Roads family!


Maureen said...

Nice job Bryce. I like his taste. I like to pick up unusual things too.

Kate said...

I cannot remember a time that I visited Country Roads an I was not awe struck by the displays. I must say though the photos are to die for since I love industrial. Thank you for always giving us such a terrific part of you. "your heart & soul" it truly shows in your writing. I never miss a post.

Can't wait to stop in and see everything in person.

Warm wishes

Sue said...

Thank you Maureen and Kate. Kind words, like you both have shared, is what keeps me and my family working so hard! A sincere thanks!

trash talk said...

I'd have to call it some pretty mean high steppin' myself. It all looks wonderful!

ginny said...

bryce has a very cool decorating style. love his stuff!!

Faded Charm said...

Lookin good! I wonder where he learned it? I love the industrial look of his space.