My One Day Off, Today!

I'm tired today, I mean really tired! Our little "summer" weather has passed, it's cold and overcast which is my least favorite kind of days. As I was sitting at my harvest table this morning eating my delicious bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, I was looking around my house! I know I have too much stuff, that is the down fall of this business. I have a big collection of yelloware, and as I ate my cereal I was looking at the pieces and thinking about them. I know, lame, but when you are tired, you have no control over where your thoughts wander off too.

The little old "butter" crock above is one of my very favorite pieces I have. Why? It shows the wear and tear of actually being used. There is just something special about it that warms my heart. As I was eating my breakfast, I was "studying" my collection. Remembering how I started collecting the more common pieces in the beginning, to the more hard to find and unusual pieces later on. The other thing I love about my yelloware is I actually use it! Some of the bigger pieces are great for big family dinners or parties. Like a lot of my other vintage stuff, I incorporate them in my everyday life. And hey, it is like recycling as well. So, with breakfast finished, you know that gourmet meal of mine, I guess I best get moving on with my day! Sometimes this "one day to myself a week" isn't enough. I think I may be having that kind of day today!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Go ahead and enjoy your day...you sure deserve it!!!

trash talk said...

You should be tired after back to back "big ass" sales and that huge book signing crowd...not to mention some "wonderful" shoppers you've had lately.
Maybe you need two days off...I bet Bryce can handle it.

Maureen said...

I like the butter crock and the Excelsior. Nice collection.

ginny said...

sometimes i feel the same way about my stuff. yes, usually when tired or overwelmed. but these collections also create the warm and fuzzies and make my house a home. enjoy.

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
WoW !! Quite the collection !! It's wonderful to use what we collect !! I think that's what makes me enjoy all my vintage stuff even more .. I love when you share your home and collections !! It looks just like your fabulous store .. Sooo homey and quaint .. Nothin' off limits .. how cool is that !! have a good week-end ~
hugs ~tanza~