A Little Bit of This & That!

One thing that never, ever happens in my life is boredom! I've always got something going on. This past week, Roger's Garden shopped with us. For those of you that live out here, you know how awesome their nursery and store is. Just look at their truck, the design on it, that says it all!! The displays they do inside of their place are over the top. I loved their last Halloween display. I have a picture of it somewhere showing what they did with the stuff they bought from us. I'm very anxious to see what Roger's has planned with this load. And on top of it all, they are the best and easiest customers ever!! Speaking of customers, you know how very important customer service is to us. We even let people that aren't "exactly" our customers take morning naps in the driveway behind our store! With closer inspection, Bryce verified that this guy was indeed alive and well. He was so comfortable they just let him continue his morning nap and sleep it off! I always say we are in the ghetto end of Old Towne Orange, see what I mean? I finally got a chance to have my Friday escape to the movies. I chose to see Crazy Heart, and I totally fell in love with it! I now know why Jeff Bridges is nominated for an Academy Award. As I've mentioned, I love to go to the movies by myself. It is "my" time, and it was nice to have some of that yesterday. If you are looking for a good movie to see, I really would suggest Crazy Heart. And by the way, Jeff Bridges can really sing!My day ended with my "men" (Bryce & Matt) playing with Morgan in the middle of the family room floor last night. Matt had brought a big bag of clothes over for Morgan that use to belong to his baby girl, Hannah. I have to tell you,my heart still aches over Hannah's death this past Christmas. And the smiles on the boys and Morgan's faces were so beautiful but a little bittersweet as well. My boys may have become "men" but they will always be MY boys! Have a great week-end, and hey, stop by and see us. What better place to spend a rainy day than at Country Roads!


Malisa said...

I so want to see Crazy Heart! Jeff Bridges is such a good actor! I heard that he did not shower or shampoo his hair for long periods of time to get "in character" for this movie. I wonder if that is true?

That photo of Morgan and your "boys" is so heartwarming. Tough guys with tatoos totally under the spell of this precious baby girl! That makes my heart sing!

It is so nice of you to let the "locals" take a "nap" at your place! My heart goes out to people in those circumstances. Don't you wonder about the story behind this guy? Is there a person somewhere out there who loves him and misses him and wants him to come home? I must say that he picked a dangerous place to "nap". What if someone got in that truck and didn't see him and...well, you get the idea! Yuk!

Hope you have fantastic day at Country Roads!

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
Loved this post, and sooo always love to read your stories .. I was so glad to hear you went to see Crazy Heart !! I Loved that movie, and I don't know if you knew,my younger sister is married to Beau Bridges .. Jeff is his younger brother .. And, I must say I LOVE him .. He is an incredible actor, singer, and even more so a beautiful, humble person .. He has a beautiful wife Sue, they've been married for 33 yrs.. Three beautiful grown amazing daughters, and the whole "Bridges" family is the most awesome family EvEr !! I soo hope he gets an Academy award for this performance !! We shall see next Sunday .. can't wait .. See you soon I'm sure !! Have a happy day at work ~
hugs ~tanza~

Debbie's Garden said...

I agree with Tanza, with all the Hollywood people you see marrying, divorcing, marrying,divorcing its so sweet to see some married so long, like Paul Newman; it just makes you love them more.

Seeing "sleeping guy" is sad.