Christmas Trees & Fighter Jets!

Awhile back, Tim had been up in central CA, and was able to collect a bunch of driftwood, which isn't that common like it use to be on our beaches. He told me he was going to make a Christmas tree out of it, and I knew without a doubt it would be awesome. And when I saw it today, it was totally awesome! Tim's imagination never stops working. If you listen to him talk, you can "see" the wheels turning in his head. What a great Christmas tree and a piece of art to have in your home. It sold today and the people were like me, they loved it. Today was a cold, cold day for SoCal. I dug out my Uggs and when I got to work, inside was only 61 degrees! After a busy day at work, I just wanted to go home and get warm. Katie talked me into going with her, Vinnie and Riley to buy our Christmas trees. And when I got there, I was glad I had gone. A small lot, great prices on the trees, I got one for my house, and bought one for Brande for her apartment, as you can see as Riley poses with the tree in my kitchen.I've always had Christmas tree each Christmas. I love the smell, the "Christmas tree experience", yes that sounds corny but I do love this time of year. Usually my tree is a bit taller, but this one worked out just fine! So, after Riley, Katie, and Vinnie leave, I hear this REALLY loud jet getting louder and louder to the point of being scary! Justine comes out of her room and asks, "what was that". I told her I thought it was one of those fighter jets that sometimes fly out of Los Alamitos Air Base. We had gone outside to look when the second one approached. Low, straight over the house and SO loud that we seriously had to put fingers in our ears! I'm kind of a geek when it comes to planes, the C-17's, and all that. So, after the fear left my body and I watched that jet fly so fast over our heads, it truly was awesome! You know, I've always known I think a bit "different" than others, maybe that's why I enjoy life. It doesn't take a lot to make me happy. And today, with Christmas trees and fighter jets, it truly was a good day!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I love the tree in the first pic, love all the white too! Happy Sunday, T

Maureen said...

A good day is a good thing no matter the source. So congrats - and many more.

Ohhhh...that driftwood tree. I don't think I could have sold it!

trash talk said...

I bet you had to take that photo quick! What a fabulous tree...Tim blows me away with his thought process. Lisa ain't no slouch either. Together, they are the dynamic duo.
Do you remember back in the '50s and 60's, the sonic booms that would rattle the windows?

Malisa said...

I've never thought of those two things together: Christmas trees and fighter jets...but I am sure it would make a good country western song!


Jacque Ferreira said...

Ahh, the driftwood tree is very close to ours, but we made the center from a bar of iron, drilled holes in each piece and then stacked them on the bar allowing me to turn each piece any way I want. It is such a fun idea for the beach house look. I think he needs to make another one for you! I haven't put anything on mine, thought I would just leave it plain this year. I just went last weekend to one of our favorite beaches to get drift wood and there was very little of it there.

deb did it said...

oh that driftwood tree...FABULOUS!