The Smallest of Christmas Angels

I had a different post planned for this morning. As I was getting dressed for work, Bryce texted me and told me that his friend Matt's little girl died last night. Bryce and Matt have been bestfriends since junior high school. They have both gotten into trouble together many times. Bryce has always kind of stood up for Matt as there were times Matt wouldn't do the smartest of things. Like the time he picked a fight with three guys twice his size. Bryce went to Matt's rescue that time as he has done many times in the past. It's been wonderful these past few years to see both Bryce and Matt finally grow up!

Matt and his wife's baby was just a few months older than Bryce's little baby, Morgan. Funny how they both had girls so close in age. Sadly, Matt's daughter was born with muscular dystrophy and she wasn't expected to live past the age of two. That is a huge thing to handle for parents so young. The baby has been in the hospital the past few weeks and not doing well. And sadly, this little angel lost her life here last night.

I'm never quite sure of the "whys" when I hear these things. I know for my son it has to be very difficult especially since Morgan and Matt's little girls were so close in age. Two knuckleheaded boys, my son and Matt, grow up to be dad's and it's such wonderful thing to see.I think of Frank, Matt's own dad. As our boys grew up together Frank and I always talked and worked our way through the headaches that both Matt and Bryce had caused. And to watch our boys grow up to be dad's has been the best thing anyone could ask for.

This holiday season, please remember it isn't about the gifts, the malls, and all the other crazy things we put ourselves through. It is about the people in our lives, not the things. When Friday finally arrives, Christmas, please be grateful for those that you spend that time with. And as I get ready to go to work this morning, it will be with a heavy heart. I know there must have been a shortage of Christmas angels this year, and a very special little girl just became one!


Six divided by two..... said...

My prayers are with the family.

Maureen said...

I don't know what to say. How heartbreaking. I can only offer prayers. The little one will be taken care of but that does not make it any easier for those who loved her.

the wild raspberry said...

that's so sad.
thinking of this family in their sorrows.

Tanza said...

Gosh, Nooo words for this Sue, just heart breaking, and yes, we know their is another sweet angel to watch over us !! My heart and prayers go out to this young family !! She was beautiful ~
hugs ~tea~xo

ginny said...

this is very very sad. i cannot imagine what the parents are feeling. though we don't know each other, please let them know i will keep them in my thoughts.

Malisa said...

Sad, beautiful post, Sue! Prayers go out for the family and friends and fo that precious angel.