Rockin Around the Christmas Tree

One thing that is kind of nice when your family is so close by is that you have spontaneous get togethers. Take last night for example. I don't have the patience to decorate the Christmas tree. I remember being a little kid and having to hang those icicles that came in a box on our tree. When my folks would turn their back, I would take a handful of that shiny mess and just throw it on the tree! Yes, I was not a good child! Bryce, on the other hand, is very patient when it comes to not only decorating the Christmas tree, but decorating in general. Uncle Bryce is also very patient with Riley, who adores him!Bryce and Riley are ready to begin!
Sadly Morgan was only able to "point & direct" this year, but wait till next year.
The decorating continues and their was no crying with my grandbabies, no arguing with my big babies!!"We did a good job Uncle Bryce".As you can tell, Morgan wasn't all that excited trying on Katie's hat!
"You did a good job Daddy" and yes, it was one of "those" nights that make me very grateful for my family!


The Renaissance Chick said...

That would have been a great night to have been hanging out in your house! I love Morgan's little walker! So cute!


Tanza said...

Again, sooo very sweet with your adoreable family !! nothing beats our family together times !! your tree turned out beautiful !! When I see into your home, I feel like I'm at your BIG, wonderful store !! Have an awesome day Sue before the rain comes ~
hugs ~tanza~

trash talk said...

Your girls are precious in their pink! Now I like to decorate the tree, BUT I am chunker too. Love the look of icicles...just not the work in getting them from the box to the tree!
It's looking very merry merry at your home!!!