Barbara Walters

I've always liked Barbara Walters. Partly because she is a strong woman, and at 80 years old she is still working. Do you ever wonder if you could sit down and talk to someone famous who would it be? Of course there are so many people on my list, but I have to confess Barbara Walters would be in the top ten! Over her career she has met and spent time with amazing people. I would love to hear her stories! I always watch Barbara's yearly special, "The Years Most Influential People". Of course, a lot of the time there are people on the list that aren't a surprise. But this year, I really appreciated some of the people that were chosen. I was surprised to see Adam Lambert on the show, especially after ABC had banned him from his appearance on Good Morning America after his performance on the AMA's. And to be honest, wasn't Janet Jackson a little, what word shall I use, "unique" when she opened the show with her crotch grabbing performance? It's music, it's art, and it is about the freedom of expression in our country. Adam is a talented kid, and sadly I believe the attention on him was due to the fact that he is openly gay. But as he said to Barbara, "I'm a singer, that just happens to be gay"! In a world where we see so many cheating politicians spouses stand by them after they've cheated on their wives and worse, I loved seeing Jenny Sanford with Barbara. She is married to Govenor Mark Sanford who had a widely publicized affair. And did Jenny "stand by her man"? Nope, packed herself and her four boys up and was out of there! In her words to Barbara, "certainly his actions hurt me, and they caused consequences for me, but they don't in any way take away my self-esteem". What a strong, intelligent woman! I was also really surprised to see Lady Gaga join the top ten. I have to admit, for awhile there, I just didn't "get" the whole Lady Gaga thing, the outfits, the performances. But after watching her a few times, and hearing her interviews with Ellen, and then with Barbara Walters I look at her differently. She said growing up different than other kids wasn't always easy. And she wants to be a role model for those kids that are different and into art and music. I know a few weeks back up in LA Lady Gaga was signing her new CD that had just been released. There was a HUGE line around a Best Buy store of people waiting to meet her. Not only did Lady Gaga stay late to sign those CD's and meet her fans, but she order pizzas to feed everyone in line. Pretty special. Barbara Walters has asked so many questions in her career. I love that at 80 years old, Barbara Walters can ask questions like the ones she asked Lady Gaga,
Barbara Walters: Are you bisexual?
Lady Gaga: I do like women.
Barbara Walters: Do you like men too? Or just women?
Lady Gaga: Well, I've only been in love with men, I've never been in love with a woman.
Barbara Walters: Have you had sex with women?
Lady Gaga: [blushing] Well, um, well I...my goodness!

You know, when I grow up, I want to be Barbara Walters and ask any damn question of anyone, about anything that I feel like knowing!!


Malisa said...

I didn't realize that Barbara was 80! Dang! She doesn't look or act 80! I watched her show too. Thought it was cool that she picked Michelle Obama as the most interesting person of the year!


Maureen said...

Like Malisa said - Barbara is 80? I had no idea. That kind of bumps up her coolness rating.

I watched the show too - it was good. I just wish it had been longer because 5 minute interviews weren't enough. I wanted to know more via a Barbara interview rather than the general media crap. Like the Tiger Woods blitz! It's not our business. So.knock.it.off! His poor wife. Although I sense that she is a smart cookie, she is the one being hurt the most. Sorry for rambling. I'll stop now.

The Texas Woman said...

Go ahead, Dear. Ask me anything!!! Not that the answers would be interesting!

Teresa said...

I hope I look that good at 80! I would have never guessed that. I just love Barbara Walters, too.

And did you say "finish up" your christmas shopping??? I haven't even put up my tree yet. Got to fix that today.

Merry Christmas Sue!