The Simplicity of Christmas

Yesterday as I ran around trying to finish up my Christmas shopping I picked up a few poinsettia plants while I was out. I love their beautiful red color. A couple of pieces of the plants had broken off on my journey home. I picked them up, and went inside my house. I pulled out an old, simple pewter vase I have and stuck them in it. As I looked at the flowers, it reminded me of how much the "simple" things mean in our lives, especially during the holiday season. My favorite holiday decorations in my home are the "simple" ones that have so much meaning to me. Each year, I display my kids hand prints that they made when they were small in pre-school for Christmas gifts. It fills my heart with happiness and love. The simple stuff. This year is especially a good time to remember the meaning of the simplicity of Christmas!
"A truly great man never puts away the simplicity of a child"
Chinese Proverb


Malisa said...

Hey, girlfriend! Hope work was good today! Love the hand prints!

trash talk said...

That's the ticket for me this year...simple and easy...wait, that's what Cat Daddy says about me! Nevermind...you know what I meant!
You need to add the girls handprints to your kids....maybe in red!