A Day Off

So, today is "my" day off. No little grandbabies to take care of, don't have to go to the store, it is my day off. And how am I spending it, CLEANING! For some reason it doesn't feel like my day off. Maybe if I clean good and fast I can catch a late afternoon movie. I do have to admit though, during the "cleaning process", I hate it. But when it's ALL done, I do feel better, I think? Hope you are having a nicer day off than I am!


Maureen said...

Hahaha! That lady has attitude! No wonder - I'm sure she never volunteered to be the cleaning lady. Ugg - it's such a pain. No doubt about it though, it sure feels good when it's all done.

Malisa said...

Girl, you have never looked better! :) I worry about you and your inability to just REST!


Anonymous said...

ugh....I hate cleaning. Sorry you had to spend your day off doing it, however, you do a really good job. Are you for hire??

trash talk said...

But doesn't it feel so good to see a clean house. I don't know about you girl, but I'm trying to figure out a way to budget someone to come in at least once a month. I hate cleaning house...with a passion!