White Wednesday

For this special "White Wednesday", since Christmas is only a couple of days away, I took some pictures of my favorite store, Country Roads! As I always say, it is great to go to work and not "feel" like you are actually working because you are surrounded by so many wonderful things! Being that's my store, I'm also blessed in having so many great family and friends to work with. I couldn't ask for more. Here are a few of the photos I recently took at Country Roads, hope you enjoy them!

Be sure to go visit Kathleen, she is the one that put together our wonderful "White Wednesday"! Happy holidays to each and everyone of you!


Maureen said...

Can you hear me ohhhing and ahhhing? Love the chandelier.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Barbara Jean said...

Lovely post

thank you

barbara jean

Debbie's Garden said...

Its a White Winter Wonderland! Merry Christmas.

Malisa said...

You know what you need to do? Give Riley a big cup full of red Kool Aid and let her run through the store! :)