IPhone Lessons

This is Morgan, almost six months old now. Not sure where the time goes these days? Her mommy, Justine, is on her iphone all the time as is Riley's mommy, Katie. Last night Riley decided to teach Morgan all about using the iphone, which I must say, Riley is very good at!

Morgan decided she was just as happy with her book! Make me wonder what will cell phones be like when "my girls" are teenagers, or will there even be cell phones with today's technology? For now, I'll just enjoy the simple moments like last night, I always treasure those the most!


trash talk said...

Ear implants...that'll be what they're using in the future. Scary, isn't it. Look at big girl, Morgan sitting up! How on earth do you ever get anything done? I'd want to just sit and stare and hold onto every moment...in fact I do, every chance I get.

Maureen said...

What a sweet pair!

Malisa said...

I LOVE the first photo of Morgan! Too too cute with that pink hat on! You are sucker just like me...letting them play with your IPhone! It will never be the same!


Sue said...

In case anyone is wondering, it's not MY iphone, please. I'm not that big of a sucker ;0)