Alameda & My Boy Bryce

This past week-end, Bryce was solo at the Alameda Flea Market. Tim & Lisa decided not to go because of the chance of rain. Bryce, being young, ventured up North on his own, and actually did well. Ever since Bryce was a little boy, he has had, let's call it "an adventurous spirit". So, a little rain or snow was not going to keep him away! Kind of a funny story about his drive to Alameda. Apparently some woman was following him, then motioning for him to pull off the freeway. I'm guessing Bryce probably thought he was losing something out of the back of his truck. Nope, the lady wanted to buy something off the truck and he made a quick $400, and got back on the road! It never did rain, but was pretty cold, and Bryce ended up having a good day in spite of the cold weather. Thankfully, he spent the night at the half way point of the trip home. And even though I told him not to take the Grapevine tjat next morning, but to cut over to the 101 freeway because there was a chance of snow and ice on the Grapevine, Bryce took the Grapevine anyway and got through right before they shut the highway down. It's not always easy being Bryce's mom, but it's not boring either, and "My Boy Bryce" is certainly a daily adventure for me!! But wouldn't trade him for anything!


Debra@CommonGround said...

Hi Sue, I can relate to a child that marches to his own drum. He had some incredible stuff there. And how cool to make 400 bucks before you even get started! Good job, Bryce!

trash talk said...

I've got a feeling I know where he got that "rhythm" from! I am dying to ask so I just will...what did the lady buy???
P.S. I can't believe y'all got snow!

Malisa said...

Okay, I see something I want! Does Bryce deliver? We will talk!


Tanza said...

Sweet story Sue ... good for Bryce !! I have two of those kinda boys, and you're right about NeVer a DULL moment !! hahaha !! Sooo different from girls !! have a good evening ~
hugs ~tanza~