Who's Related to Who at "Roads"??

I sometimes forget that some customers may not realize that all of us that work at Country Roads are "blood" related to each other in one way or another. I thought about that yesterday because myself,Bryce my son and Brande, my daughter were working. Next there was Darcy and her sister Dawn who were working, and lastly the sisters, Pam and Hannah. Because we are all SO use to arguing like we do at home, or saying a smart ass comment to someone that is related to us, we sometimes catch "that" look in a customers eyes that says, "what the hell is wrong with these people"? Then we can say, "oh, that is my son", or "they are sisters", and when we say something smart ass to each other and we aren't blood related, we just say, "oh, we're fine, we're all family here". I guess that is why we all work together so well. Plus we are just use to each other and as I've said many times we celebrate special occasions outside of the store as well as working together.

In this picture is me on the left and my good buddy Darcy on the right. Malisa, from over at Moonlight Hollow, made a comment on my last post that there was finally a photo of me. First, I figure because of the store most people know what I look like and its just not that exciting!! And secondly, I hate having my picture taken, and lastly I would feel really weird if I posted pictures of myself all the time on my posts. It would be like "look, here I am doing this, or here I am doing that", you know? It would just be weird for me! But mostly I just don't like having my pix taken. This picture was taken a couple of years ago. Brande was working with the ONE campaign with Bono and U2 on their tour. In this picture Darcy and I got to be volunteers to help work on the ONE campaign at the U2 concert in LA that night. It was a lot of fun, got to have passes that allowed us to get down on the floor level by the stage to listen to the music up close and personal.

This is one of the main reasons why Country Roads just works! We've all worked together for so long it just seems natural working doing something that we love so much. And as far as my pictures go, I guarantee this will be the last one you see for awhile. Of course you can always come visit me at Country Roads!!
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Malisa said...

Hi, Sue! Okay, okay...now that I see your pic, I know I have seen some other pics of you on your blog. I thought they were pics of your daughter! Now, Ms. Smarty Pants, doesn't that make you feel better?


Sue said...

WOW, you are pretty cute, "you thought they were my daughter". You win the biggest award EVER for ass kissing!!! Because you are the biggest ever ass kisser ever, and I DO mean EVER, you WIN!!I'll take you Disneyland, cool, right, you just have to get here!! I would take you to Ellen but I don't know how. So sad!!

The Texas Woman said...

And you know famous people! How cool!

If I say I thought you were Bono's girlfriend, would you take me to Disneyland too?

The Texas Woman
Assistant A-Kisser

Sue said...

Sorry "Assistant-A-Kisser". I don't know Bono, so that would mean, unfortunately, you wouldn't qualify for the Dizzy trip. So sad!