Sprucin' Up Club Med LB!

The first time my dear friend Ruthie saw my backyard, she named it, "Club Med Long Beach"!I don't get to take many vacations, so I've created my own "getaway" in the backyard of my home.
We've been having summer weather lately, so nice, even if it is a bit HOT! If you look at the pix above, you will see that Riley has her own special chair! She has been taking swim lessons at a swim school for over a year now. It has been really important to me that she becomes water safe! I kind of just put fun stuff behind the pool that I enjoy looking at. I have those solar powered tiki lights that come on at night and really add to the setting. I have my other mermaid up there as well. I have a vintage pepsi cooler out here in Club Med. It use to work but it isn't exactly "energy efficient" so I don't keep drinks in it anymore. These are a couple of my favorite things. The surfboard is actually vintage Hobie surfboard my friends husband made into a bench. The iron pieces with the palm trees are one of my favorite things as well. They came from Florida. Also, if you look at the "Aloha Farmers Market" sign, there is a sweet story behind the sign. A few years after Mr.Wonderful left he took all the kids to Maui. When we were a family, we all use to vacation there. Bryce has got that "collector" bug, big time. He found that sign and made his dad UPS it home to me. That had to cost a bit, but that's my boy, always thinking of his mama! I step out of my bedroom slider, and I'm in another world. Sally sits in the dirtier looking lounger, and I sit in my comfy rocker! This is one of the views of the bar Bryce built me several years ago. I need to get some new thatching for the roof this year! I love this sign. One of my friends use to be part owner in a restaurant here in Old Towne. Her partners owned Cheeseburger in Paradise in Maui. This band was playing at the restaurant here in Old Towne and when they were done, my friend brought me the sign! It hangs on the opposite side of the bar.Also notice the vintage "senasac" street sign. I've had that since I was a kid. It came off the corner when they changed to newer signs. It's the same street and house that Katie, Vinnie, and Riley live in today. This is where I put the table and chair set I got at Country Roads not to long ago. It's become one of my favorite things as well. Here's a picture of "Sally the Cabana dog" relaxing in the CA sunshine with me! And this is the little table next to my chair. On this table are all the things that take me away from our crazy world and help me relax in my own little Club Med LB!!


The Renaissance Chick said...

How fantastic! There is so much to look at in your back yard! My eyes have been busy, busy, busy! Now I know where you are sitting and drinking that cold Corona at night! Can I just bring Lurch out and prop him up in one of your chairs so we go have fun? :) Your Club Med is super cool...can't wait!


trash talk said...

And what a great getaway you have created! Girl, you could sell memberships. Ok so you got a cabana doggie...where's the Cabana Boy to bring me my towel when I come to retreat from my world to yours! Love it all...lot of love went into that. Debbie

Jacque said...

That looks like so much fun! You have the best collections, I have been wanting an old vintage wood surf board for some time, haven't found one yet, that I could afford anyway! Have fun, relax, you have the perfect vacation spot. You mentioned on my blog about coming up north sometime, let me know I can tell you about some great places to go, we have beaches we go to where we are the only people there all day, very clean, very peaceful~Jacque

Anonymous said...

Looks very relaxing! I love how everything brings back a special memory for you. And I LOVE the surfboard bench and your cute doggie!