Our Furry Friends

You know, I'm always writing on my blog and wondering, "does anyone ever read this stuff"? Awhile back, one of my customers, Mary Striley, who I KNOW reads my blog asked if I would mention a pet rescue that was coming up on a Saturday. She knows I'm a big lover of animals and I was more than happy to do a post about the pet adoption. The photo above,(not sure why the dog's eyes are that color) is PROOF that people actually DO read my ramblings. Cindy Finch, one of my most favorite dealers at Country Roads, is pictured with her little rescued dog she went to get after she read my blog that day. And her husband Bill just brought home another rescued dog from the shelter as well. Rescued pets ALWAYS give so much love and turn out to be the best little pets ever! You have to look really close at this picture. These are two, of four little kittens that were born in our Johnnye Merle Gardens last week. Mama cat was in the process of trying to move them when I took this picture. We have been trying to catch her so we can keep her inside with her kittens until they are old enough to adopt. Our customers are SO cool! We have a jar on the counter to collect money for their food and when the time comes to pay for the vet costs. We intend to have the cat "altered", I think that is the right word. Apparently some little girl from the neighborhood came looking for her cat. She said her mom has two female cats that keep having kittens. I just don't understand that kind of neglect, you know? Katie told the little girl to tell her mom she needs to get her cats fixed!! Of course the mom has yet to make an appearance in the store or take any responsibility. At least it's good to know that we have the chance to try and get mama cat fixed and the baby's new homes. So, thank you Mary for sharing the information on the pet adoption, thanks Cindy and Bill for rescuing two dogs, and thanks to all of you that do the same. And while I'm at it, I want to thank you guys for taking the time to read my ramblings. It means a lot and please, leave me a note here and there so I know I'm not just writing to empty cyberspace ;0}


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue. It makes me so happy to see that picture of a great little dog who now has a good home!!(thanks in part to you and to me for sharing the info!!) I wish I could adopt more animals, but I already have 2 cats and that is all we are allowed in our apt. I LOVE the baby kittens!! Thank you for helping to take care of them(and the poor mommie cat too) God Bless!
Mary Striley

The Renaissance Chick said...

You are such a good woman! Those kitties are so precious! Sorry their mom is a slut! :) The only empty cyberspace you are talking to is inside my head!


The Texas Woman said...

Both our sweet doggies are rescues, one from the local shelter and one from north of Dallas. They have given us so much! They are why we bought our RV, so we could take them with us on trips instead of putting them in a kennel. We just couldn't stand the thought of them possibly thinking they were being abandoned again!

Sending you doggie kisses,
The Texas Woman

The Texas Woman said...

Malisa, their mom is NOT a slut. She's a modern female, raising her babies on her own. It's just that the males she picks don't use protection (you would say "ride bareback") and refuse to have their you-know-whats (think cashews or Pistachios here) clipped!

Sue, what are we gonna do about Malisa? She needs our help in so many ways!

The Texas Woman

Sue said...

Come on Cher. . .I don't think we could live without her, do you! Who would get us entertained daily? I'm just bummed I don't get to hang out with all the Texas girls!

Jacque said...

Kudos to all rescue pet owners! There is no excuse for people not having their pets altered, in our area there are many programs for low and no cost spade & neuter, they need to spend one day at animal control to see the results of their lack of responsibility, oh soft spot with me... anyway great job guys! ~Jacque