What Are Those Photos On Your Wall?

My buddy, Malisa, over at Moonlight Hollow, always asks me, "what are those photos on your wall"? One of my friends son would take old photos, scan them, then print them on canvas and tack them onto a wooden frame. First, I want to apologize for the poor quality of these photos. For some reason I had a tough time shooting them without a glare.

Here we are in Temple, Texas and that's my mom. Not sure why she doesn't look like a happy camper, maybe they wouldn't let her drive the car!!
Here we have my three kids when they were young sitting under a Magnolia tree at my parents house. The cool thing about that tree...Katie and her husband bought my parents house after they passed away and Riley now plays under that same tree. I've posted this photo in earlier posts. My grandfather use to drive oil trucks in Temple, Texas. He is pictured below and my mom is on top of the truck!This is a picture of me and my sister with our first dog, Shad. In case you couldn't figure it out, I'm the crazy blonde on the right, still make the same faces today! This is a picture of my dad's family in Joplin, MO during the 40's. My dad is in the back on the left.
These last photo is of my and my sister. By the look on my face, since I wasn't being goofy like I always am, someone must have threatened me to behave! And for me, today and even as a child. . . "behaving" is a word that I don't include in my vocabulary because it's just no fun at all!

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Bernice the Housewife said...

I love the idea of printing them on canvas and hanging them. Great old photos!

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

What a great idea, printing on cavus, they really make a nice collection. There's nothing like family memories to brighten the day.

The Texas Woman said...

OK, I'll bite. How does one print on canvas? I really like the idea and your wall.

The Texas Woman

The Renaissance Chick said...

I really like your photos! I love pics on canvas! That last pic of you and your sis is so precious! What a cute little girl you were! I love the fact that Katie bought your parents' house and Riley plays under that same tree! Thanks for sharing that story.

Cher, you can buy printers which print on canvas. They use to be super expensive but have come down in price the last two years. Still high tho!


Sherrie said...

Very nice Photos!! Great looking family! Thanks for stopping by my place. Have a great evening!


Sue said...

You know, ever since I had someone make those for me, I've been wondering the same question. How DO you print on canvas. I'm sure it has to do with your printer for starters. I'll "google" it, maybe there will be an answer there.

Sammy Girl said...

First, congrats on the win! And behaving properly is highly overrated, lol! LOVE the pics and woudl also be interested in learning how to do. (My fav is the truck!)
Betty :)