Fun at Assisted Living!

These pictures were taken back in November of 2006. My mom had just died a month or two before and my dad was left alone in that fun lovin' joyful assisted living place. That's my sister on the left with Riley. My dad had never held Riley, and actually hadn't smiled much since my mom died. That's my oldest daughter, Brande, with Riley. Great-grandpa still wasn't sure he was ready to hold his first great-grandbaby! There we go, a "Kodak Moment", my dad and my little Riley! It warmed my heart. All my dad kept saying was, "your mom would have loved this little baby". I so wish I would have had a just one photo of my mom and dad with Riley but sometimes life doesn't work out that way and at least I have the photo of Riley and my dad. Sadly, my dad passed away a few months later on Valentine's Day. We knew he wanted to just "let go" and be with the love of his life for more than 58 years, my mom!

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Malisa said...

What special pictures! Did he and Riley bond before his death? Riley's little face has not changed one little bit, but her hair has certainly changed! Looks like it started out darker! You were so smart to get these pics! Thanks for sharing them with us.


The Texas Woman said...

Those are great pictures, Sue. They warmed my heart this morning. Thanks for sharing.

The Texas Woman

Teresa said...

Those photos are precious. I'm so glad your Dad held is first grand. And I'm so glad you have the photos.

Have a beautiful weekend Sweet Sue!
Big Hugs,

jeanne said...

Sue how lucky you were able to have a photo of him with Riley. what an adorable baby. Your dad looks so sweet in the photo where he is holding Riley. A treasure for sure. I am so sorry for your loss.


Angela said...

Those are such special pictures! Not only to you but they will be to little Riley when he is older and his children and so on. I cherish what few pictures that I have of myself as a baby with other family members. Sadly those are almost the only pictures that I do have of them. Thanks for sharing them with us.

Marjorie (Molly) Smith said...

Beautiful memories, I know you will cherish them for life. I can just see your Mom and Dad walking hand n hand, smiling down on you and your little Riley.

ClassyChassy said...

That is quite the story about your dad - I'm glad you have those photos of him with the baby. I'm sad for your loss, but he must have been so lonely without your mom....and he is in a better place with her now.

Diane said...

Oh, Sue, I can so relate to this post. Thankfully, my Dad is still with me, but I also lost my Mom in 2006. Less than one year later she had a new great-granddaughter born and Daddy just kept saying, and still does, Momma would love to see this baby. I'm so thankful you had the opportunity to get these pictures before your Dad went home to join your Mom. Thank you for posting them and for sharing the story with us.

Many hugs..........


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

So happy you were able to at least get that pcture.

It warmed my heart too.