Flowers and Friends

I love flowers, especially when they are a surprise. The other night, Bryce walked into my bedroom with the flowers you see above. They were on the front porch when he got home that night. It was from one of my kids at the store.
I haven't worked for a couple of weeks because I am "supposed" to learn how to relax more and not be so "wired" all the time. And if you know me well, my personality doesn't really relax too well and as far as the being "wired", I don't think that will ever change, but I'm trying. Carol came to work at the store when she was 18 years old. This June she will be 31, which I just can't believe. That is Carol above pictured with her little boy Azul. Out of all the people I know, Carol is by far, one of the kindest, sweetest, and most loving person you will ever meet. The flowers were such a nice surprise, the only bummer was I didn't hear her at my front door. My bedroom is in the back of the house. A few years ago when I had siding put on the house, they covered the doorbell. I never fixed it and usually my superdog Sally barks anyway. There is just something about the simple gift of flowers. It's the gesture of giving something so simple yet with such meaning, if that makes sense?


The Texas Woman said...

Awww, one of my doggies is name Sally too. Aren't they special?

Rest, woman! Rest!

The Texas Woman

The Renaissance Chick said...

Tulips are my favorite! I use to have a dog named Sally but the mountain lions ate her! Oops!


Teresa said...

Those flowers are so pretty. I hope you are enjoying some time to yourself. Have a beautiful day sweetie.

Love from Georgia.