My Easter Sunday

I worked today, and we were SLAMMED, which means really busy. So, I know Malisa is into Easter bonnets, so I thought she might appreciate the one above, the back view. This is the front view, sorry it's blurry, I didn't have my glasses on! This woman collects hats, she has like 4000 she told me. I just thought this one was really special. After work, my family got together at my house for Easter. We had planned on cooking, but because we were so busy at work today, we decided to order pizza and Brande made cupcakes. It's not about the food you eat at Easter, its about who is at the table, you know? In this picture,Uncle Bryce helped Riley with her Easter basket from Gramma. Riley shares her Easter basket with Uncle Bryce and Auntie Justine. Uncle Bryce comforts Riley as she is a tad afraid of the growling dino Gramma put in her Easter basket. Riley's buddy Leonard happily wore an Easter ribbon around his neck as Riley hugged him! The Easter egg hunt is on as Daddy (my son-in-law) and Auntie Brande watch! Riley had Uncle Bryce help her on the Easter egg hunt!Riley and Auntie Brande share an Easter moment, meaning how all the chocolate was making Riley crazy and Auntie Brande was trying to find some peaceful time for Riley! Yep, good luck with that.Gramma was trying to convince Riley to not throw the orange juice and for Bryce to turn the damn tv off or at least turn the volume down. Wow, Happy Gilmore on Easter, awesome!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you had a fun and busy day! I think Riley's easter basket is bigger than she is!!!LOL!

The Texas Woman said...

Sure, Sue. Out of focus and NOT your fault, right? You were still drunk from the night before, weren't you!

The Texas Woman

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Busy and fun day!

You are right ,it's not about the food is about being together and making memories.Riley is such an adorable and lucky girl.

Malisa said...

What a funny Easter hat! Ha! Where in the world would you keep 4000 hats? That woman's closet must be bigger than my entire house!!!

These are the CUTEST pictures of Riley! The one with her Easter basket is adorable!

This is our first glimpse of Sue! Cher, I agree...Sue must have still be a little fuzzy headed and let someone snap her in a pic! :) Welcome to having your pic posted on the galactical blog!


Sue said...

Malisa, no,no,no. . .not my first picture. As you can see on the upper side bar, there I sit on a car. Although I was a few years younger. There is also one on my Thanksgiving post, and actually, if you click the sidebar to the Random Stories, will you will find the same smiling face on THAT sidebar. Don't get too excited, and actually, I think I'm wearing the same damn sweater! BTW, I wasn't fuzzy headed, I was having my "Easter Juice", so no fuzziness involved!