My So Called Life

I think years ago there use to be a tv show called, "My So Called Life". That's how I feel sometimes. I never have any days that if someone asked,"so how was your day". Boring would never be an answer for me, I would have to go on and on because my days are always so full. Which I'm not complaining, they are just full! So, at the beginning of last week, I was recovering from the whole rat incident, everything was cleaned up, I was feeling much better and at peace with myself. We got an early taste of summer, so I had been watering my garden, doing a little work on the computer, and kickin' back in my shorts and flip flops! Life was good. Last year my friend Ruthie had convinced me to let Romantic Homes magazine do a photo shoot of my house. They had just done hers and she thought it would be great promotion for Country Roads. And for those that know me, I will do anything that will help promote the store. As I'm working on my computer, my cell phone rings and its one of the editors from Romantic Homes. I got up, and left my office and as I was walking into the dining room, and talking on the phone,it happened! As I'm trying to be all professional and such, this lizard darts right by me, almost over my flip flops!! I HATE lizards, I know they don't hurt you, I know their good for our gardens, but I do NOT want them in my house. I'm trying not to act like anything is wrong while I'm involved in this phone conversation and thinking where in the hell did that lizard go. Thankfully I didn't let a bad word slip out of my mouth during the conversation. After I got off the phone, I went to get Justine, my eight month pregnant daughter-in-law. Her and Bryce live with me. She goes and looks where the lizard ran, and now she thinks it's a snake which I HATE even more than lizards! Justine makes a plan if we push it with a broom out from behind one of my architectural columns, she will put the tupperware bowl over it, and I will put something heavy on top to keep the lizard there until Bryce gets home from work. We capture the lizard, as you can see above, and it was much smaller than I remembered! I my mind it was iguna size! We look at the poor little lizard and now we are worried it can't breathe with a bowl on top of it. I get a steak knife and tried to make holes in the tupperware. Finally Bryce gets home, goes to his room, has something to eat, etc, etc and two hours have passed until he decides to take the lizard outside. And I'm still concerned the little lizard can't breathe. So, you have to know what happens next. As Bryce lifts the tupperware bowl,the lizard escapes!! Dandy. I go and get Bryce one of my garden gloves which of course are way too small for his hand. He grabs the lizard by the tail, and I even know what that means, the tail falls off. So he is yelling for me to come look at the tail that is floppin' around on my family floor while the tailless lizard is still loose in my house. To make a long story short, Bryce finally puts the lizard and its tail in the tupperware bowl with one of my dinner plates on top of it so it won't escape, and is on its journey to the garden. He reminded me of when he was a little kid, all into starring at the damn lizard and the tail floppin around. Katie has to remember the time she was gardening a few years back and called Bryce hysterically on the phone, "there is a snake with legs in my flowerbed, come get it". Bryce got some kind of cage and drove around with "the snake with legs" (a lizard) for awhile in his truck and named it Larry. At night Leonard use to sleep in the garage, and he would curl up to Larry the lizard's cage. Wish I could find THAT photo. It was a true Leonard and Larry love affair! Bryce finally set Larry free in our garden. I guess I should be happy life is never boring for me, and I would, if "stuff" would just stop coming inside the house!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Anything that is 4" or closer to the floor is a SNAKE!!! Hate them!!!!...Really, I have a problem with those creatures, at least you had the courage to take a picture...in your place, I'll be DEAD!

Teresa said...

Yikes! I'm with you, Sue. That was a scary looking lizard. One got into my sewing room once, and I thought I would never catch it. I had so much work to do.. Each time I got the nerve to go in there and sit down, something would catch my eye, right by my feet, scaring the crap out of me!

You'll have to keep us posted about the magazine shoot. That is so exciting!

Big hugs,

The Texas Woman said...

Can't wait to see the photo shoot pictures. I'll have probably stopped laughing at this post by then!

The Texas Woman

Malisa said...

You should have had some chicken fried lizard. Probably tastes like chicken. :)


Diane said...

Oh! I am soooo with you! I HATE anything that is creepy crawly. Several years back we got a lizard into our dining room. My hubby was just as creeped out by them as was I. We got the shop vac and sucked that little scoundrel up in there and took it outside and emptied him into the back yard!

Thanks for a good laugh! Have a great weekend!

Many hugs...........